Scrapbooking Club- a Way for More Scrappin!

by : John Foster

These days, one comes across various scrapbooking things and materials but sad enough they have never heard of scrapbooking club. If you enjoy scrapbooking then you can add more fun to your life by joining a scrapbooking club. This project is a fun way to get together and meet new people. Since each member of a scrapbooking club brings unique qualities to the group it is also a great method for learning new skills and picking up on new ideas you can incorporate. A scrapbooking club meeting allows members to trade various scrapbooking supplies with other members of the group. This is a great way to try out new scrapbooking products before you buy them as well.

These scrapbooking club members meet once in a month to share their new and innovative ideas. However, if there is no scrapbook club in your area, then you can start one. All you have to do is prepare hand fliers or various other pamphlets or you can also prepare bulletin boards. After preparing your fliers or other things, you can supply these to stores, and even place an ad in the local newspaper. Schedule an informational meeting for your scrapbooking club that allows you to find out the best days and times for people to meet. You also want to find out if they want to meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

In fact, I do not think there is a better way to get you motivated and back into the craft room than to receive all the materials needed to complete several layouts! There is no better way to ensure that you scrapbook every month! The club can be on low membership fee and I get paper, layouts, ideas, and embellishments for number scrapbook pages! I have never spent less per month on my scrapbooking hobby than I have in this club and I am very excited about it! Or you can help keep costs low by finding a location where your scrapbooking club can meet for free. This can be a church or a library meeting room offered at no charge or somebody's house for that matter.

If it is not feasible for you or any other member of your club, then do not worry, as there are many different sites that offer monthly clubs. You can have a link to anyone of these sites and subscribe. Take a look around... but be sure to get in one soon because it is the best way to keep up your scrapbooking! To ensure your scrapbooking club is a success, people need to feel welcome. Make sure the door is always open for new members to join. The atmosphere needs to be friendly and inviting. You can also schedule special events such as different people to talk about new ideas for scrapbooking. This will keep members of your scrapbooking club interested and looking forward to the next gathering. You can even get a set of animated and floral pictures for your club, as it is different from your regular scrapbooking and everyone in the club will enjoy it. Across the globe, scrapbooking hobbyists gather and scrapbook at each other's residences, scrapbooking conventions, retreat centers, cruises and scrapbook stores.