7 Secret of Recycle Scrapbooking

by : Jasmine N

Do you know about recycle scrapbooking? I have learnt about recycle craft, but not too sure about recycle scrapbooking, until one day my 3 years old daughter show me her scrapbooking using recycle material that she used to keep her craft and papers. My little angel gave me an idea of we can recycle our children school craft to create a very creative memories craft! Here I share my experience and 7 secret of recycle scrapbooking, if you are a cost saver person, you may find it useful!

Secret #1 Think twice before you throw anything.

Lots of material at home such as color paper divider of your file folders, your childrens' craft work from school, faulty printed paper, tissue paper cover, presents wrapper, ribbons etc if the design is neat, clean and nice looking, keep them for your scrapbooking. You can use them as embellishments or decorations in your scrapbooking. I used to throw all these away, but now I am getting passion on recycle all the them!

Secret #2 Storage for recycle stuff.

You need to have some storage space to keep all your recycle stuff, try to keep in sorted or grouping by same category for easy of searching.

Secret #3 Recycling from other craft.

If you have been doing lots of craft at home, reuse this craft material again to do recycle scrapbooking. For example, if you have created a pencil case craft using recycle cartoon box, cut out excess area of cartoon box into A5 paper size and paint some beautiful flowers or insects on it, join all the A5 drawn design together with a threading string or folder rings to create a mini scrapbook album.

Secret #4 Recycle Scrapbooking paper excess from previous scrapbook.

Reuse the scrapbooking paper that was excess from previous scrapbook. You can create a new design by using the excess scrapbooking paper. This can be done by doing patching or overlapping pasting different paper on top of each to create an unique look!

Secret #5 Recycle your digital scrapbooking or computer scrapbooking.

You can reuse your same computer scrapbooking printed layout on another new scrapbook topics. Note that you also can recycle scrapbooking digitally besides recycling the printed layout. Besides that, there are a lot of layout, images or pictures on the web are free for download and you can reuse them for this case.

Secret #6 Print on recycle paper.

Print most of your design on recycle paper. This is to save cost at the same time save the earth. Most of the printers will print a test page when you changed new cartridge, keep this paper for recycle printing purpose. Perhaps the test printed page can be reused to create another creative memories, because the test page always printed in multiple colors and text.

Secret #7 Do it freely.

Last by not least, create your every scrapbook freely. It is important if you are using recycle stuff to scrapbook. Do not restrict your creative mind to fly. Explore along the way, will help you have more creativity ideas to create a unique design of your creative memories.

Hope you enjoy reading this article while enjoy your scrapbooking!

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