5 Secrets of Felt Scrapbooking

by : Jasmine N

Felt is a trendy and popular fabric in craft. I also like to use felt while crafting with my children. You can make felt into 3D photos, you can sew a felt flower, you can cut felt into different shapes and paste on your scrapbooking etc.

Secret #1 Felt scrapbooking patch work with adhesive.

Felt can be used with adhesive. Use adhesive that is able to paste felt, do different felt color patching on top each other to create layer and depth look design.

Secret #2 Sew the felt into many different pattern to create home made embellishment.

You can sew the felt into different shapes, object such as flower like rose, lily etc. I like to cut felt into lily flower shapes and then sew and the cut out together to create 3D look of lily flower. You can use the same method for rose too!

Secret #3 Design on the felt using marker or acrylic paint to make as your scrapbooking background pattern.

I love painting and drawing. You can use felt as based covered your photo frame, then color it into different simple pattern to create stunning design!

Secret #4 Felt with seashell or pebble stones to create home made scrapbooking theme.

Wrap felt around pebble stone, then soap some portion into poster paint, wait till it dry, open the felt cloth, then you will see a nice design at the center of felt. Wrap the colored felt on A5 size mini canvas, then expend the design by pasting some seashell at the four corners to create beautiful natural sea theme design!

Secret #5 Felt compliment with other cloth or colorful construction papers to create harmony scrapbooking layout.

Felt always come with very harmony color. You can add felt together with very striking colorful construction papers. Felt also help to tone down some complex texture or pattern on clothing. You can use this concept on your scrapbooking to create a harmony design too!

Hope above you enjoy above ideas and tips!