A MiniWarGaming Guide to Good Warhammer Photos: The Basics

by : Matthew W. Glanfield

We all love photos, right? As soon as we see beautiful things, capture those memorable moments and having remembrance to the places that we've visited we cannot forget to take pictures. Pictures reminds us of those certain times that we are happy. Even in wargaming, you would like to take pictures of your recent finished project, that is why everyone enjoys taking photos of their cool terrain or freshly painted armies for remembrance. Whatever camera you are using , maybe a Polaroid camera, or a digital cam, or setting up a nice shot with a demolisher or zooming in to a battle between Aragorn and the wraiths on Weathertop, you want it to be perfect and look good.

In photo you can change the whole thing, you can edit the photo before developing it so that it will look good or you just want it to be normal. In wargaming, the terrain may look great and perfect in real life but a poor photo will diminish any cool factor and dissolve the desire to take to take any more shots.

Whether your a professional photographer or just taking pictures for remembrance you can clearly see the difference between a good photo from a ordinary one.


This will play a very important role in your photos it can be very crucial for this will give the story or plot of the whole picture. When you have a good background for your photos it is easy to say that you can have a pretty picture. When you have your subject placed in a place where there's a lot of trash, can you have a good background? That's not make sense at all, that is what we call poor background.

Well to understand more on getting the best background for your photos, we can take a crater as our object and be as our sample. We put a green ooze on the crater, then just place it in a plain white background, there is no uniqueness on it or there is no story that you can relate with. But you can clearly see the whole object which is the crater. Then put it again on a plain black background, you cannot clearly see the whole object because the background is dark. Which is more prefer to have a good background.


When you have the perfect background, then the second important part of having a good quality photo is to have a good lighting. For this will enhance the beauty of your object. Just be sure and always look for a better place where you did not need the flash of your camera. When you are taking photo on a place with strong lights it is not necessary to use the flash of your camera. For this will result a shiny effects on your objects. Just select the places where you can use the flash of your camera for effects.

There are always options

"If there's a will there's a way" that is what the saying goes. Sometimes we thought of having a more beautiful photo but we do not have enough resources, there isn't enough lights for the lighting, there's too much clutterHealth Fitness Articles, or everything doesn't fit in the picture. We can use anything that we can see to be use in the picture so that we can have a quality photo.