Play Ms Pacman Online Free - Nintendo NES Game

by : Matthew Corgan

This article is for anyone interested in playing Ms Pacman online free right now. Ms Pacman was a revolutionary video game as it introduced a female protagonist a "femme fatale". It was an unauthorized sequel to the original Pacman that was released in 1982. The only significant difference was the different level mazes/colors, ghostsFree Reprint Articles, and Pacman having a red bow. It still requires the same idea of eating dots and avoiding ghosts though.

People play it online most commonly today as in the fact of the rarity of these ancient games and arcade machines. It is much easier playing it online because you don't have to deal with the console working and untangling the Nes controllers.

The Orange Ghost was renamed from Clyde to Sue to make the game more female oriented. Later Sue was turned into a Purple Ghost and appeared next to Clyde the Orange Ghost in Pacman. Another significant difference was that Ms Pacman had 6 mazes with 5 different colors. So there were a lot of different level variations to change from the original Pacman.

Ms Pacman was created by Midway and General Computer Corporation. It was thought to be a bootleggers hack of the game and called Crazy Otto. In 2001 Ms Pacman was re-released in a bundle to celebrate the 20th anniversary and re-released again to celebrate the 25th anniversary in 2006.

In the 20th anniversary bundle it featured Ms Pacman and Galaga. Pacman was featured as a hidden bonus game in the 20th anniversary bundle. In the 25th anniversary bundle it featured all three games from the main title screen instead of Pacman being featured as a hidden bonus game.

For those of you going to play Ms Pacman online. Enjoy!