Gaming Continues to Blur Virtual & Real Life

by : Matthew Anton

We are all taught at a young age what’s real andwhat isn’t, but what if the very foundation of this teaching was flawed? Weknow when Mufasa died or when Bambi’s mom died, that they weren’t “real" and weshouldn’t be upset, but why did these deaths invoke all these emotions. The“real" part was the emotion, and this is where ones reality lies. No longerable to say what is real and what isn’t by physical boundaries, virtual gaminghas pushed the digital envelope.? Ourreality should not be based on the physical, but based on the emotional.

Burn your hand and you feel pain…get your virtualcharacter killed and you feel pain, among other four letter expletives. Virtualcharacters long had the stigma of ‘time-sinks’ or ‘sunk-cost-fallacy’ whereinthe person behind the character wastes his time in his virtual persona.However, the exact opposite should be preached; these virtualpersonas/characters allow individuals to express themselves outside a world ofhuman physical limitation. Don’t let others pigeon hole your expression andcontinue taking pride in your online personas.

So How do you get started expressing your innerself that is constrained by the ‘real world’? First, try and decide what typeof character you want to portray. Do you want to be the feared dark assassin,or the cute friendly dwarf that enjoys healing his friends? There are manysub-categories but most people are soloers, group oriented, damage dealing,healing, or supporting. If you like to deal damage a persona that resembles powerand strength such as a wise wizard or a buff warrior. Not everyone is like the“complete badass" from South Park’sWoW episode, but playing a character helps you exaggerate your own personal characteristics,or perhaps experiment with others.? Isthat sexy night elf rogue a 50 year old male, and is that buff warrior a 15year old girl? This is the beauty of Online Characters. Experiment, role-play,and spread your virtual wings.

Next, go out and download a free online/mmo/mmorpggame if you are new to the gaming scene. Choose a game that fits yourinterests. There are many genres available from fantasy with dragons and elvesto sci-fi with laser guns and teleporters.?If you aren’t ready to create a character/avatar, try an online gamingwebsite where you can post a picture of your persona and role-play ashe/she/it. With your new profile updated with pictures and perhaps a storybehind your online persona, you are now ready to chat with the virtual world.

In conclusion you can express yourself in manyways through virtual reality/games, but it is not without responsibility. Role-playcharacters you feel comfortable with and accept the persona you have created.“You create your own reality" has never been truer. Have fun, test your role-playing,download a game or twoFind Article, and join a virtual forum. Unleash the “insert yourfantasy" within you!