Leonardo Da Vinci Has a Blog Now!

by : Scuola Leonardo da Vinci

There it is, the blog is coming out from Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, the leading and most innovative Italian language school in Italy.

After more than 30 years of experience as an institute specialized in the field of Italian teaching, this important Italian language school has decided to open more and new ways of communication with students all around the world.

The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci's blog will collect lots of information about the schools history and locations, the language courses offered in the course of the year and, last but not least, about the Italian language and culture, and about Italy in general.

The idea of this blog is to introduce and experiment new forms of communication with the aim of conveying information about Italy and the Italian lifestyle, not only through conventional language courses but also by the internet, addressing directly to people interested in knowing this subject. Scuola Leonardo itself knows the difficulty of such experiment, as stated on its first post: "This is our first experience about writing and managing a blog. Please, give us just a little bit of time to familiarize and practise on it! But, let us say that any kind of suggestion will be well-appreciated and welcome!"

In conclusion the goal that this blog wants to reach is the publication of news concerning Leonardo da Vinci Italian language schools & courses and the collection of news, tips and useful information about Italy (with focus on the main Italian cities), the Italian culture and about everyday Italian language.

When asking them for something more, they answered: "Not enough? Uhm, it's getting a hard task then!" and they promise to use this space also for collecting all the news, stories, photos, videos and comments by their students, doing something that looks like a first step for a real web social 2.0 community about Italy and the Italian language.

Their invitation is to visit the blog of Leonardo da Vinci School as soon as possible because they are going to publish always new and interesting posts.

Good luck Leonardo.

Elena Lorenzini