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The Spanish language is one of the largest languages in the world. It is the official language of over 20 countries including Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and, of course, Spain. Knowing it is not only an asset for any world traveller, but for anyone who's looking to make their resume more impressive or for someone who has found themself married into a Spanish family.

There are many programs out there that claim to have everything required to learn Spanish fluently. The unfortunate truth is many of them are just after your money. They promise one thing, but once you have purchased the product you find what they deliver is another thing all together. What you need is an unbiased view from someone who has tried it all. Luckily you have navigated your way to the right place.

The language itself shares a lot of links with English. There are a large amount of words that are almost exactly the same, but ending with a few different letters at the end. What the scams will do, is teach you these obvious, easy words... but offer you nothing to connect them together. For example, it might teach you the Spanish words for train, cat and television, but what use is that to you when it doesn't teach you sentence structure and correct grammar to go with it? You need to learn it all, and there are a lot of packages out there that simply do not offer that. I have learnt the hard way but I've come out the other end now and are giving my results to you.

There are many ways you can tell you're just about to be scammed with a shoddy product. This is what to look for:

&bullDoes the program offer a money back guarantee?

&bullDoes the program list it's positive testimonials on it's site?

&bullIs the program designed by a company you can trust?

On my website you will find reviews for three programs that I found useful. These programs not only have effective teaching methods, but they attempt and succeed in making the experience fun and you find yourself wanting to go back to it constantly.

Whatever your choice, I hope you find learning Spanish enjoyable. Please be careful not to fall for the many scams out there.

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