Open Careers in Translation Services

by : Armando Riquier

The industry of translation services has achieved considerable height in the recent past, being on the cutting edge and developing itself at a very fast rate. Opportunities are coming up everyday for budding translators. If you are thinking of a career look no further, specific language translation services can offer you ample opportunities coming your way.

To become a qualified and certified translator in your native language there are certain objectives that are to be met, which includes a good command over your own language, other nonnative languages and for a good measure English. You are better set attaining a certified graduate degree from a recognized institute and having few years of experience in a specialize field. You need a thorough knowledge on the technicalities of translating in your own specific language. And last but not the least, professionalism is an essential quality while essaying a career providing translation services.

You can as well work as a freelancer to garner quality experience of your own. Countless sites are available offering freelancing jobs. This is a good opportunity if you are willing to start your career in translation. This will not only help you increase experience but help you master the technicalities of a translation career too.

A specialization in any particular subject background other than translation is an added advantage. Hence, it is advisable for a translator to specialize in one or several fields such as for instance poetry, fiction, law, technology and science, etc to get a job in a specific language translation field. For example, many publishing firms hire translators to translate poetry and fiction written in different languages to increase readership and in turn increase sales.

There are various types of agencies all over the world and in Europe particularly engaged in the process of translating texts and documents into several languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, etc or the other way around. These agencies hire translators skilled in their native language for such purpose. Therefore, the expectation of any translator can be no less than their international counterparts. They deal with different clients like IT hardware and software, advertising, manufacturing, finance, public sector and many more.

In general a translator turns written texts of one language into another dealing primarily with materials such as handbooks, leaflets, letters, Internet sites, and so on. Translating requires high skills and is a time-consuming affair. Typically a translator can get done with about 1500 words a day. But language translation services include also interpreting services of two types: face to face and group conference.

Large translation projects may involve a team of translators. Here, at first the lead translator produces a translation word list, which is then followed by the other members of the team, this guarantees consistency and accuracy of the translation.

Therefore, if you are considering to make a career as translator, in any specific language translation is a growing industry and there are plenty of choices to select from as to what field and type of translations to do. You may stick to one specific field of translation services or diversify more. With commitment, hard work and accuracy translators can reach satisfying results rapidly.