Learn How to Speak Japanese and Go Green

by : Paul Brown

It, truly, is not easy being green or going green for that matter. So, what does going green have to do with learning to speak Japanese online? If you stop to think about it, by deciding to go the route of learning online there are many benefits, one of them being that you will help the environment. A "tiskit, a taskit", what's in my Earth day basket? Well, there are 3 big Go Green Benefits (G.G.Bs) that will be mentioned and you can see for yourself why learning to speak Japanese online is a good thing for you and the environment. That being said, we all need to be more responsible with regards to the environment.

Go Green Benefit #1 - By opting to learn Japanese online you will be saving money. Because money spent on transportation to and from your classes and associated costs such as parking, fuel, and vehicle maintenance can be reduced or eliminated. This will save you not only money but also your valuable time and energy can be put into other more important activities. That's one less car on the road. One less car equals less air pollution, which equals one step closer to cleaner air.

Go Green Benefit #2 - What is a classroom or lesson without paper? I'll tell you. It's a Green classroom. When you learn to speak Japanese online, computer software, download-able lessons, CDs, etc negates the need for and reduces the amount of paper that is used. With learning online, you can encounter a "paper-less" classroom and one in which learning is portable (mp3, CD player, iPod) or only a mouse click away. Your learning is self-directed, allowing you to choose content and tools appropriate to your differing interests, needs, and skill levels. You will also save money on expensive Japanese language texts, workbooks and notebooks. Overall student costs such as tuition, residence, food, and childcare are frequently less. It's also one less tree cut for paper production. One more tree equals one more habitat for the wildlife it supports and more oxygen for the Earth.

Go Green Benefit #3 - You can re-cycle your lessons online especially if you need to review or refresh your various Japanese language skills. You do not need to re-register for an expensive language school class or re-book a private tutor. The online language course is there for your use at your convenience. From dictionaries to language forums, learning online is quickly becoming the learning of the future. This is not to imply that teachers are not needed. They are but in a more facilitator role instead of a role of instructor. Students can learn a Japanese lesson at anytime, from anywhere. This means that parents can attend to their children, then sit down to a Japanese lesson; working students can complete a lesson no matter what their work schedule might be, folks that travel for business or pleasure can attend class from anywhere in the world that has internet access. That's less need for textbooks, pencils, pens, whiteboards, markers, erasers, binders, etc. and all the items that are related to teaching. Also, the demand for the raw materials to make them is reduced. That equals to less environmental pollutants.

Truth be told, nothing in life is really free especially having access to an excellent language program. If you want quality, you are going to have to pay for it but it doesn't mean that you cannot find products that give you the most for your dollar. Think about the convenience of learning Japanese online and having the ability to have access to student-centered learning tools and materials. Compared to most language schools that have to include the costs of running a business into your tuition, you are in better hands. We all need to be more responsible with regards to the environment and if you learn to speak Japanese online, you will actually save money, time and the environment.