Go for French Language Summer Camps in France and Switzerland

by : Mr. Xavier de Bastos

In recent days summer camps are proving to be a great idea to let young people spend their holidays at. The innovative and well maintained summer camps are a great way for children to have fun, make new friends, learn new things, or simple relax after a hectic year in school - an enjoyable way to be on their own and experience the world around them.

Before deciding to send your kids on a camp do some research about the type of camp you or your child wishes to choose. Read testimonials, talk to people who have been part of those camps earlier, call the camp administration and ask questions, clear doubts and check well before enrolling your kid. A little bit of caution and alertness before choosing the camp will result in a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your kid and a tension free affair for you. Involve your kids in the decision making process as they should be aware of what they are getting into. Learn to see summer camps as a learning experience, an enjoyable way to spend some time to experience the world.

The summer camps provided by ESL language schools are an innovative approach towards summer camps with a difference. Till date we knew of study centers near our homes which provided courses in French language. But ESL school provides French language summer courses at scenic locales in France and French speaking Switzerland. These study centers are located in beautiful buildings with excellent security services. All the centers are internet enabled and equipped with telephones, mini banks, sports grounds, cafeterias, and special leisure activities are provide under staff supervision.

The students are provided residential accommodation within the campus with 24 hrs supervision for maximum support and safety. The centers are mostly located in areas surrounded by rivers, mountains or lakes, so you can enjoy nature's bounty. All study centers also have restaurants, cafes and shopping zones situated nearby so that you have best of both the worlds near you.

All courses are customized according to the requirement of the students. French language is taught by expert trainers who are professionals in language teaching and take care of each and every student to make your stay a success. Summer camps are also accompanied by excellent leisure activities that make a great combination of work and play.

To get to the study center of your choice you can avail air services- all centers are situated close to international airports. ESL supports students by offering pick-up and drop facilities provide by ESL staff, from or to the centers.
If parents wish to take to the road and drive their kids to the study center, they will have an easy time as the ESL study leaflets have detailed maps of the roads leading to the center along with staff contact numbers, who will help if you need specific help or directions on the way.
The ESL study centers are also situated close to the nearby rail stations. The staff is ready to provide pick and drop facilities if you wish to avail them.