Learn German Language in Vienna

by : Learn Languages Abroad

Whoever wants to learn German would better go to Austria. It is the best place where to learn German as a second language, since people speak a correct and standard German language there, and there are a lot of courses which give recognized certificates.

Summer is coming and during this season, there are many young students who want to leave for a holiday that allows them to learn a language.
This is the reason why our German language school in Vienna, a world-notorious institute for high-level courses and professionalism, chose to start summer courses of German language for kids and teens between 12 and 17 years old, inside the campus of the school.

This sc hool is located exactly in the middle of a campus which offers to students large, spacious and outfitted spaces for their activities and for practicing any kind of sport, and gives the opportunity to learn German in a professional but amusing atmosphere, following students and encouraging them to meet and mix it up with people while having fun.

Summer courses of German language for teens in Vienna last at least 2 weeks, and their goal is to support students with the highest number of language skills as possible, in order to give them all the language tools they woud need to manage this holiday autonomously such as future possible ones in a German language country.

Going to Vienna is the right choice for all students who choose to have a learning vacation while studying German: they will mix it up with teens coming from all over the world, and will enjoy their stay without renouncing to the most interesting sides of a travel, which are amusement and total immersion in the artistic and cultural history of a country.

If you want to learn German without renouncing to a wonderful holiday, ActiLingua school's summer campus in Vienna is the ideal for you!
For more information and details about school and courses, please contact us on our website www.learn-languages-abroad.co.uk