In London for a Cultural Experience

by : Learn Languages Abroad

If students desire is to learn English language, it is well known that London is the right city to do that. But to learn the language soon and quickly, maybe during a brief stay and, above all, in order to live something different, exciting and surely useful, then the Cultural Experience Course in London is the ideal choice.

The Cultural Experience Course in London, awarded in 2006 by the British Council for innovation in teaching of English language, is a really special course, different from all the others. The peculiarity of this course is just the method used to teach the language.

By taking part on this course in fact, students will not attend lessons in class, nor they will spend weeks using grammar books and dictionaries, but they will simply learn English out of the school, in museums and the wonderful art galleries of London, in order to have the opportunity to be in direct contact with London culture, to know the city and learn to communicate in English, by enriching personal vocabulary with notions and useful words.

The Cultural Experience Course in London is dedicated to anyone who has an intermediate level of English knowledge. It lasts one, at most 2 weeks, but if your stay in London is longer, then you can attend one of the general English courses offered by the school.

To learn English in this way certainly becomes something interesting and amusing. The learning vacation, or your simple stay in London turn into a really unique cultural experience!