Switzerland Summer Camp

by : Mr. Xavier de Bastos

Summer camps are the unique way of synchronising study with fun for children during their vacation. After a year of hectic study-driven period, every child long for a vacation. It is the only time of the academic year when children can be truly themselves and spend time the way they want. It is obvious that the children would love to have fun and other relaxing activities like sports. But it is the responsibility of the parents to teach them how to make the best use of time during holidays that can contribute to their future career. Summer camps are the best way where the parents will be assured of offering their child a proper environment of learning and entertaining.

There is no place like summer camps in Switzerland organised by ESL Schools. The widest range of holiday course in the exotic locations of Switzerland is the most interesting and motivating program for the children seeking to use their valuable time in a productive way. The special attraction of summer camps in Switzerland is the French language teaching course offered by the school itself. ESL knows the importance of learning French for foreign learners and hence, it offers specially designed programs for catering to the interest and intellectual development of the students. On the top of it, the professional and competent guidance of the ESL teaching staff ensure that the participants learn French in the most effective manner. Also, ESL offers one or more locations for learning French to the students depending upon their age group.

For the students of 10 to 14 years of age, the summer camps in Switzerland is located in Les Paccots providing French and English language training programs. The students can enjoy various sports facilities like volleyball court, football pitch, basketball court and two tennis court. The efficient and superlative supervision ensures that every child will get the best out of his summer camp. Physical surveillance, access to internet and telephone, pocket money service - every single thing add to the personal development of students.

ESL School has arranged summer camps for students of 13 to 17 years of age in Switzerland at Lysin, Montreux, Ascona and Zug. These summer camps for teens are the perfect blend of fun and learning. In every camp ESL staff is careful about the supervision of the student to ensure their complete leaning and entertainment.

All the campus for summer camps in Switzerland by ESL are accessed by plain, bus and train. The programs are designed to match the mental status of every age-group of children. The exciting summer camp can recharge every student and prepare them for their next study session with full vigour and confidence.