A New Way of Learning Life Through Summer Camps in France

by : Mr. Xavier de Bastos

Summer camps offer a world of opportunity to the participants to socialize and develop new skills. Besides, they are the ideal place to help the children understand and appreciate the value of independence, friendship, team work. More and more parents, these days, are encouraging their children to participate in summer camps providing an informative way of spending summer vacation and having fun simultaneously. With so many organisations around offering summer camp services, it may be confusing for the parents to select the best one for their children. A traditional summer camp will offer the options like sports, swimming, art and craft for children. But a language summer camp is a unique way of enjoying vacation along with learning a new language.

ESL offers language summer camps in France where the prime goal is to revitalize the dormant skill of the students and develop their interest in French language. ESL selects the subject that catches the interest of the students by creating a dynamic and youthful environment. Various aspect of the program is developed carefully to motivate each participant of the camp. The French course offered during the summer camp is not merely any other language class. Students at the camp are guided for the various areas of language study such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. Learning grammar of the language is made easy to give the young learners the feeling of not being in a formal language class. The students have to appear an entrance test for the admission into the language classes which determines their level. Accordingly they are trained as beginners or new learners.

The centre for summer camp in France is situated in Cannes. The two buildings built at the end of 19th century are surrounded by a magnificent park. A self-catering restaurant, a play ground and a projection hall are the main parts of the school campus. Students are provided with special accommodation with 2 -4 beds in each room. The efficient supervision of the staff ensures complete security of the student during their stay. Web access and telephone facilities allow the students stay in touch with their parents. Students can enjoy a very unique facility of pocket money service of the summer camp that operates like a mini-bank.

The summer camps in France by ESL is not just a camp of learning language, it is another way of making children self-sufficient. The participants come from different parts of the world and share their culture and values while familiarize themselves with the French culture apart from learning a new language.