Eight Weeks to Italian Mastery

by : Ethan Parker

Learn Italian in just 8 weeks. It can be done!

How?? With the same people that brought you some of my favorite language learning courses: Rocket Languages.? This time, they have an Italian version that makes learning Italian so much easier, more fun, and less expensive than just about every other course out there!

If you want to learn Italian and speak fluently within 8 weeks, this course WILL get you there.

Let's find out more:


Like all the Rocket Language products (French, Spanish, etc.), boasts 3 "easy learning games". Are they actually easy? Oh yeah! Your Italian listening, vocabulary, and grammar skills are sure to increase dramatically with each of these interactive learning games, which generally work with multiple choice and flash card games. It's a great way of learning anytime anywhere, as all you need is a Net connection. Or an I-Pod: you can download the audio lessons onto any MP3 device.

But the bonuses aren't all that's good: I also really appreciated the easy organisation of the "main course", which has 6 sections, including Greeting, Meeting, Food, and Drink, Travel, Arts and Culture, and a very useful one when you're in Italy: Cucina Italiana - Italian Cooking.

Overall, a pretty organised way of learning Italian fluently, and certainly doable in 8 weeks, as the course promises.


As with most of the Rocket Language products, you don't quite learn the business side of the language. If you're wanting to learn Italian for business use, I'd recommend this product only as a compliment to other ones, not as an all-in-one solution.

Likewise, your Italian is only as good as how much you practice it in writing and speech, so Rocket Italian isn't quite as good as having a real-life teacher or tutor. Make sure you practice what you learn with the program, otherwise you'll never truly become fluent.


This Rocket Language course has a better than most. It's actually quite comprehensive; unlike the very short and not-very-helpful Rocket French free course, this one actually details many grammatical rules and vocabulary. On top of that, you get free audio pronunciation guides in each of the six free lessons. So overall, a great free course and one worth trying, if only to learn basic, basic Italian.


Can Italian really be learned in just 8 weeks?

At first I doubted it, having heard the same tired (and false) promise from dozens of other online products.? But after trying out Rocket Italian, I can say that, if you're willing to put in the time, you can become molto bene in Italian no time. It's really up to you to put in the time and practice. The course itself provides an excellent, VERY easy framework.

That said, I'm giving Rocket Italian a BUY recommendation. Hey, if you don't like it, just take advantage of the . If you don't learn Italian the way you would have liked in 8 weeks, just get your money back.

No loss, really. And that's something everyone likes to hear.