Success Stamina- How to Stay Motivated Day After Day

by : Caterina Rando

Some days the wind and the world all seem to be working with you- you find a parking spot in the perfect place, get through to people when you call them, accomplish tasks with ease. At the end of the day, you feel your business or career moving forward. Then there are the days when you drag yourself around, the phone seems to weigh 40 pounds, you can't find what you need, the copier jams and at the end of the day, you feel like you would be further along if you stayed in bed. Some days, some weeks seem to go well because your Success Stamina is high and others seem challenging because your Success Stamina is low.

Maintaining your Success Stamina is far more complex than simply keeping up your physical stamina by getting enough sleep, eating a power breakfast and skipping the Martinis at lunch.

Your Success Stamina is the proper combination of enough attention to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being. When you neglect any of these aspects of yourself your stamina for success will be compromised:

To keep yourself in action and to keep everything flowing in the right direction, identify which of the following factors you can focus on to improve your Success Stamina:

Keep Your Eye on The Pie
Your momentum will stay high when you have a clear vision of what it is you are working to accomplish. Every morning take two minutes to focus on visualization of you having achieved your desired outcome. See a vivid mental picture of that large commission check in hand, of you signing the contract or overseeing the installation of the equipment you are selling. Whatever success is to you see it. Hold that picture in your mind through out the day.

Thinking and Planning Time
At the end of each day take time to plan for the next day. During that time identify what it is you want to accomplish tomorrow. What resources you need to do that, what questions you need answered. Planning allows you to be proactive rather than reactive, which is what happens when you wait until the last minute. Planning also allows your subconscious mind time to figure out your strategy for completing tomorrow's tasks.

Focus on Relationships First
In the hustle and bustle of making things happen we often forget that there are people we are serving through our work. By focusing on those people, getting to know them, listen to them and increase our clarity about what their needs are we will sharpen our senses for how we can create solutions that will best serve ourselves and our clients.

Get Support
The fastest way to get to burn out in your business is to take on everything and try to do everything yourself. What are the activities you can delegate or farm out? Your time is best spent on those things that only you can do. When you feel supported in your work you will have more stamina.

Take a Risk a Day
The more you expanding your comfort zone, the more you find yourself doing what is scary to do: calling that ambivalent account, making a suggestion for a cost saving idea, trying a new technique, the more you will feel invigorated. When today is just like yesterday and you know tomorrow will be the same, work gets routine. Taking risks keeps things unpredictable and exciting.

Be Present Now
80% of what we think about already happened. What a waste, don't waste your time and precious energy thinking about what you did not do yesterday, what you forgot to include in your letter, why you did not get the sale. Do a quick review and then let it go. Dwelling on yesterday depletes your Success Stamina for today and tomorrow.

Never Stop When you Are On Top
When you are having a great day, when things are clicking, when everyone and everything seems on your side, don't cut your day short. This is the time to work late, go on one more appointment, write one more proposal, make one more phone call. Go with the momentum.

Know When to Take a Break
Just as important as riding the wave when you are having a lot of positive energy is recognizing when you need a break when some rest and rejuvenation will serve you. This might be a weekend away, an afternoon nap, or a day you go in the office a little later. People who do not take breaks are less productive and have less Success Stamina.

Get Fresh Ideas
Successful people are always in the pursuit of more success read industry publications, go to seminars, talk to colleagues, and get a mentor. Pursue opportunities that will improve the personal side of your life. A focus on freshness will soothe your soul and feed your spirit and stamina.

You can always use more Success Stamina. Identify which of these ideas will make the most difference for youArticle Search, make some changes and watch your Success Stamina soar