Article Marketing Tips 101: the Art of Article Submission

by : Dave Rope

Article marketing is an excellent way to create one-way backlinks to your site. By submitting your articles to article directories your site will benefit in two ways. First, you will get an immediate backlink to your site which will drive targeted traffic to your offers/products. Second, by generating one-way backlinks to your site, you site will be ranked higher in the search results.

The best strategy to adopt is to submit your articles to as many article sites as possible, but this can be time consuming. That is why I use ways to automate this process and save myself hours of cutting and pasting. You could do it manually and save yourself a few bucks, but I found that spending a little saved me a lot and was more effective.

If you search for article submission software, you are likely to find many. Some are even available for free. The problem with most of these software is that they are only semi-automatic and still require you to do a lot of the work. Refer to the author bio below for a link to the best article submitters.

Another pitfall to take into account is the duplicate content penalty. This only affects the value of each backlink when it come to search engine ranking. For example, if you were to submit 1 article to 500 sites, the search engines would quickly recognize this as automated submission and discount the backlinks down to just a few. The exact number is kept secret, but you can be sure that it is nowhere close to 500.

To avoid this situation, you should consider making each copy of the article unique. Doing this manually is much too time consuming and there are other options. The easiest way to do this is to use article spinning. There are many article spinners out there and honestly most of them are garbage and generate unreadable text. For a free article spinner that really works, click on the link in the bio.

Writing and publishing articles can be a very cost-effective way to generate huge amounts of traffic for you site. This is compounded by the viral aspect of article directories. Webmasters and ezine publishers can use your articles for free and this can replicate your articles all over the internet. Each time creating a new backlink to your site.