Google Sandbox and How to Break Trough Via Article Submission

by : Andrew Karasev

It is funny, but probably not so to the ones who commit money to get leads from the internet. We gave our customer 10 thousand leads over the period of three months and we see them still in Sand Box. So, again if you plan to make dollars from internet leads, please be aware that not only twenty, but even several thousand links back to your web site are not enough

1.In 2005 we saw the result of the website coming from the initiation t google page rank of three in three months, nowadays it is virtually impossible, due to google sandbox or general conservative approach

2.Articles Submission Strategy as getting maximal low cost links back to your website. Yes, we believe that community work contribution is the best strategy, assuming you are SEO or search engine optimization wise

3.Grow number of links back while you website is in the sandbox. We think this is what you get to do. Google behaves conservatively and you have to proof that you are persistent in your plans and actions

4.Photo, Video or Movies and Pictures. We believe that google at this time is switching to favoring video news versus old text press releases. This is why you see youtube being n the top of the search engine results, however this is hypothesis

5.Where to submit your article, PR or photo news. This question requires homework and some research. You should type in submit your article in google, yahoo and MSN to get the list of media portals or submission sites, then however you will need to do your homework evaluation job to see which site is active, publication price, popularity, etc.