Do You Believe That You Can?

by : Deborah Brown

Or, all the reasons why you cannot? Do you want to
think differently, but are unsure how? Would you
like to look at your life and say yes instead of no?

The path to believing that you can starts with your
thoughts, and your thoughts can be shifted. Your
life can go exactly as you desire. You just have to
believe it first.

So, How Do You Believe That You Can? Follow These
Easy Steps:

1. Acknowledge That You Think You Cannot.

You might as well admit it. Denial will only make it
worse. Once you accept both sides of your thoughts
(the good and the bad), then you do not have to hide anymore.

2. Realize That You Cannot Because You Have Been
Saying You Cannot.

Your words have more power than you realize, and they
do influence your actions. If you are unable to find
a new job, a new relationship, or a new place to
live, it may be what you are saying to yourself.
Tell yourself that you can. (What do you have to
lose?) Try it, and see what happens.

3. Accept That Reaching Your Dream May Not Be The

What if you reach your dream only to find out that
it is still not "it?" What will you do next? At
least with a dream, it is something that will happen
some day in the future. You cannot fail at a dream
that has not happened yet. Instead of worrying that
it will not work out, how about going for it? You
can always tweak it when you get there. At least you
will be closer to what makes you happy. Isn't this
worth the risk?

4. Pretend You Can.

Your subconscious does not know the difference
between pretending to be positive, and being
positive. (And, it does not care!) Pretend, at
least in the beginning, that you can do whatever you
set your mind to. After a while you will find that
you are doing exactly that.

5. Be Afraid And Do It Anyway.

If you wait until the day fear disappears before you
take a chance, you will be waiting for a long time.
Fear never goes away. It only subsides when you move
yourself forward despite not knowing the outcome.
So, basically you are stuck with fear. (At least in
the beginning.) It is up to you whether you will let
it stop you or not.

6. Take The First Step.

All change starts with the first step. And, it does
not have to be a big one. All that matters is that
you are taking a step in a positive direction.

7. Reward Yourself For A Job Well Done.

It is not easy shifting your thoughts, especially
when you have been thinking the same way for a long
time. You should be proud of yourself for trying
something new. Not everyone looks at their life and
puts actions in place so it can be better.
Congratulations for being that person.

SoFind Article, believe that you can today! You only have one
life to live so it might as well be a life you love.