Well, Well, Well: A Deep Topic

by : Sandi Lynn

Recently the facilitator in my classroom discussion group asked each
person to describe the three greatest problems that troubled them. As
we did this we became so depressed that we could not complete the
assignment. We found that most of us were familiar, too familiar, with
these troubles so sharing them made life increasingly disheartening.
We concluded that the source of our suffering is the corruption found
in contemporary society. It touches everything.

As we considered the source of our corruption one participant offered:
"Aren?t we like a frog living at the bottom of a well and thinking
that the sky is a plate?"

We acknowledged that although the frog?s error in judgement about the
sky brings little harm to the frog, contemporary people believing the
sky was a plate would obviously corrupt our thinking along with our
relationships with the world and each other:
- Our explanation for where water and air came from would be wrong.
- The value of the wind, landscape and ocean would be unknown.
- Thoughts of Earth and Nature's beauty might be considered insane.
- We would hold a corrupt view of how the world worked and would
relate to each other accordingly.
- Our life goal might be to train slaves to be strong enough to throw
garbage out of the well so the slave owners could live better. Some
group members said that sounded too familiar for comfort.

I share the frog metaphor here because it pertains. There is a similar
but very real and destructive corruption in our culture. It erodes our
every potential. It produces our justified lack of trust in our
institutions and each other.

Fortunately there is an antidote for this corruption. A readily
available process now exists that enables anybody to reverse the
polluted thinking that contaminates most relationships today. Our
presently deteriorating situation will vastly improve if some
open-minded "frogs" simply support the process and its use. Is that
something you might be willing to do?

An article: "Found: Nature's Hidden Voice?Good or Evil?" describes the
Process and is posted on the internet. Many of us have witnessed the
validity of the unique anti-corruption tools the Process offers. We
personally experience and teach the Process and know its beneficial
effects. We have observed its contribution to correcting deteriorated
individuals, relationships and natural areas. We have documented that
this process helps people reduce a wide range of personal, social and
environmental disorders.

The Process upsets some folks simply because it is free. That?s part
of our corruption. Selling Band Aids to injured people is a big
industry, especially if you first aggravate their hurt through clever

The Process is "uplifting" in that it scientifically helps the frog
raise itself from the bottom to the top of the well, to ground level.
There, the integrity of the sky and landscape registers in the frog's
perceptions, psyche and relationships. In bright sunlight the frog
benefits and grows as one might expect. This is not fantasy. The "frog
raising" process exists, works and is easily accessible.

All people deserve to enjoy the personal and environmental benefits
described in the Article. Many of us deprive ourselves of them simply
because we look askance at the frog raising Process. It threatens
deeply rooted "plate sky" beliefs. One might think the article
describes an illicit affair rather than a useful breakthrough. Sadly,
it would be better received if it did.

Your challenge is to read the article with an open mind and heart. It
is not much longer than this essay. You could share, publish, or
network it with interested people. Perhaps there are other ways you
could lend whatever support you feel will enable the public to benefit
from the Process the article describes. That way, you could make a
difference. Surely one is needed.

We must help each other cope with the extraordinary deceitfulness that
presently erodes us and our world. Does it revolt you or have you,
like many others, mastered the art of shrugging?

A few years back, I was sick with feeling helpless to do something
about our corruption. Just being able to let people know about this
Article makes me feel better and more hopeful. As I use and teach the
Process it describesFeature Articles, this feeling increases and for good reason. The
process works beautifully.

The article is located at http://www.peacewithearth.org/article.html