Im Not Responsible - You Are!

by : Gordon Bryan

Look around you.
Right now, as you read this, just have a quick look around you, wherever
you are.

Why are you there?
Who is responsible for you being there?

You are, that’s who!!!
Every single circumstance around you has come about as a result of your
thoughts, and consequent actions, in your past.

It’s the old pebble rippling in the pond thing, you might have to go back a
long way to find it, but sure enough, look closely and you will see
a choice that you made somewhere along the line.

So next time you want to blame everyone else and their dog for your
situation, make sure you are accepting responsibility for your own actions

This does *not* mean ‘blame yourself’.
Yes, sure, you may have made wrong choices in the past, but who hasn’t,
and at the time, they were the best choices you were capable of making,
whatever your psychological make-up was at that time.

So if taking responsibility doesn’t mea n blaming your self, what does it

Well, it means a realisation, that just as your present was shaped by your
thoughts and actions, your future will also be shaped by your thoughts and

Not ‘can’ be shaped, not ‘might’ be shaped, but *will* be shaped!

This is great news!
It means that when you come across a circumstance in your life that you
don’t like, you can trace back to a decision you made in the past, and
create thoughts and actions which will forge a different circumstance that
you *do* like.

Sounds a bit too glib and easy?
Well hold fire, because I didn’t say it was easy!
It isn’t always easy, in fact sometimes it’s far from it, but it is very a
empowering change of ideology.

Here’s a just a couple of benefits of accepting responsibility for your life…

Firstly, you will begin to erase ‘blame’ from your vocabulary.
It’s a very negative energy, and removing it will leave more room for the

Secondly, speaking of the positive, you will be more able to appreciate the
good things you have, the good choices you made, and you’ll also be able
to look forward with enthusiasm, knowing that you are in charge of your
futureFree Articles, so why not mould it to one you really desire?