Why Does it Always Have to be Me?

by : Joyce C. Lock

As we search God in the situations of life, we find spiritual lessons have a way of getting to the heart of the matter. After a number of them, human nature causes us to ask, "Why does it always have to be me?"

When we have a really bad day, we may notice God reminding that we neglected to spend quality time with Him.

When trials come our way, we may recognize God encouraging us to keep our eyes on Him.

When we think someone neglecting their service, we may observe God sending another (as He's the one who calls people to do His will).

When we have this awesome plan, yet God chooses otherwise, we may see God teaching how our desires get in the way of His perfect will.

When we try to help one wayward, misguided, or heading for disaster (to no avail) - we may learn when to shake the dust off our feet.

When we falter, we may experience God's grace.

When our decisions flop, we may hear God whispering, "In all things, seek me first."

When everything we touch falls apart, we may receive God's promise that He has everything under control.

When we're misunderstood, we may receive God's comforting assurance that He understands.

When there is no one else to turn to, we may find our best friend in Jesus.

When we face all our fears, God may want us to know that all we ever longed for and all we'll ever need is found in Him.

Once we realize that God only wants to love us, perhaps we can begin looking forward to the lessons, knowing we're on our way to glory (II Co. 4:17-18), and change our question to, "Why not me?"

? by Joyce C. Lock
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