The Power of Self-Motivation

by : L Sailaja

The Power of Self-Motivation
by L Sailaja

How are you feeling today? Happy, sad, frustrated, dejected? Or, are you feeling/experiencing a state that cannot be described in words? In an age which is marked by ever-increasing competition and overpowering work/life balance, it is crucial to maintain equilibrium between intellectual strength and inner strength.

Despite the fact that we have to interact with a number of people and face pleasant as well as unpleasant situations, it is extremely important to retain faith in yourself at the end of the day.

When things are going the way we want to/the way we had wished to, everyday would be hassle-free. But, you have to brace yourself to deal with the very best and the very worst of everything. Sometimes, things go out of hand and we tend to be at the receiving end. This is the time to motivate yourself to get out of the whirlpool of negative emotions. Negative emotions have a notorious capability of suppressing positive emotions. Therefore, you need to adopt MBMs (Motivation-Building Measures) to feel better and perform better:

(1)Recognize Inner Strength: Everyone has the capability to achieve their goals. What is important is to realize the inherent potential in ourselves. More often than not, intellectual strength assumes greater significance when you are making the all-important presentation, appearing for an exam or attending an interview. However, the real hero is ‘inner strength’ which makes you feel the positive energy and gives you the extra edge when it comes to facing tough situations.

(2)Avoid Negative Emotions: It is human to experience all kinds of emotions. But, some emotions tend to overpower the positive energy in ourselves. When you fell ill/lost a loved one, did not perform up to the mark, were hurt by someone, it is natural to experience feelings of anger, frustration, helplessness, self-pity. We are not immune to negative emotions—we must know when to suppress their influence on our minds.

Cultivate a hobby, read, sing, write or do whatever you feel like to relax. Motivate yourself to feel good about yourself and get on with life.

(3)Try to be Strong against Unreasonable Circumstances: It is not an easy task to undermine the power of annoying people or a hostile environment. These external agents have an uncanny ability to snuff out your confidence level and make you feel uncomfortable. However, no one/situation is larger than life itself. When you have the inner desire to motivate yourself, irrespective of unkind words/actions, you will appreciate the need to feel good about yourself and set about your tasks with increased enthusiasm and confidence.

(4)Spend More Time with Your Loved Ones: The joy of achieving something great in your career becomes even bigger when you have someone to share it with. Ultimately, what counts is the emotional satisfaction of being a part of a stable support system of family and friends. Your career goals are important. However, try not sacrificing your personal life for the sake of achieving them.

(5) Patience Pays: In this mercilessly fast-paced world, we wish to achieve too much, too soon—the faster, the better; the bigger, the better. We have become so preoccupied with achieving fame, success and wealth that we seem to be missing out on the finer and subtle aspects of life.

Everyone wants the best in terms of material and social benefits. You got a good job, you have a great lifestyle and life is absolutely cool! So far, so good. Suddenly, something goes wrong with your personal or professional life and your world is turned upside down. You feel like going nowhere—you desperately need a dose of self-motivation to lift your spirits. It is this feeling of ‘emptiness within’ that you need to overcome.

Don’t let criticism, failure, or setbacks thwart your path to success. Try to be patient. You can’t expect a rose bush to bloom overnight. Similarly, you must give yourself some time to develop your abilities and enhance your skills before you reap the benefits of your experience and knowledge.

When you discover the power of self-motivation, you will realize the sheer energy and enthusiasm it brings with it. As someone saidFree Reprint Articles, the nightingale doesn’t sing because it has an audience; it sings because it has a song. Feel better with self-motivation and experience the richness of life.