Constipations Bad Consequences

by : Reggie Andersen

Although constipation may not seem like a very serious thing, it honestly can be. The physical ailments that constipation can lead to are no laughing matter. Constipation is a condition in which a person finds himself or herself unable to have a bowel movement. This may last for a few days, or it may become serious enough to take medications or see a doctor. What most people don't know about is the harmful effects constipation can cause on their bodies.Constipation can cause a number of things that are very frustrating to deal with. Let's look at these before we see the more dangerous effects of constipation. This condition can lead to:ï‚?Irritability - Feeling particularly angry or aggravated can be caused by constipationï‚?Weight Gain - You can actually gain weight from constipation.ï‚?Hemorrhoids - The 'strain' from not being able to have a bowel movement can cause these nasty little guys.ï‚?Body Odor - The buildup of fecal matter and bacteria in your body can produce an odor coming from your skin.ï‚?Skin Eruptions - These are also caused by the buildup of toxins in the body.ï‚?Headaches - Headaches can also be caused by constipation.

These aren't things that we would like to have, however, none of them are a very serious medical problem. However, constipation can cause some very serious medical troubles. When the fecal matter stays in our intestinal tracts for too long, dangerous things can happen. Bacteria in our feces may start to multiply in our intestinal tracts, and dangerous fungus can grow. This fungus can affect many things in our bodies, such as:ï‚?The ability to function properlyï‚?Asthmaï‚?Allergies

In fact, studies show that the decaying material that sits in our intestinal tract when we are constipated may be directly related to several chronic diseases, including Cancer or Heart Disease.

A great natural way to avoid becoming constipated is eating the correct amounts of insoluble fiber. This kind of fiber cannot be absorbed by our bodies, however, it helps us to get rid of waste. It reduces the amount of toxins that are left in our intestinal tract.

Also, you should drink the recommended amounts of water every day. Water helps flush waste from our system, and can reduce the chance of constipation.

If necessary, laxatives can be utilized to aid in the removal of waste from our systems. If constipation worsens or you experience any other effectsFree Web Content, you should see your doctor immediately. Follow these tips to prevent constipation and it's bad effects.