Get Your Priorites Right!

by : Panos Dionysopoulos

I have been with this marketing business for a few months now, and before that I was reading motivational books and listening to tapes and talking to people and inhaling all this knowledge like oxygen. During this time I started a habit of setting goals for myself; goals like buying a house in 12 months time, being financially free in ten years time, I'm sure you all know the sort of goals I'm talking about.

In the back of my mind during all this time was the goal to let my Dad know how much I appreciated him. I had moved out many years beforehand, he hadn't really wanted me to, and we were barely on speaking terms. I still went and visited him and my mum every now and then but not often becasue invariably we would end up in an argument abuot nothing. I know, however, that he cared about me and that his temper was thin partly because he was annoyed at all the drugs he had to take for his cardiomiopathy (and of course, the trips to the hospital as well).

He was always willing to help me out, when I went through a bad patch with my credit debt he loaned me the money to pay it out, saying that I shouldn't have to stress about the interest. He always gave me good advice and he always made sure I knew that he cared about me.

I never got the chance to let him know how much I appreciated this as he passed away a few weeks ago.

What this has done is really driven into me the need to be really selective in what I am doing. To make sure that I am happy with what I am doing, and to make sure that I am making other people happy with what I am doing.

Most importantly, I am now going to make sure I let people know how much I appreciate their help and their support with whatever I do. In the long run I think it will serve me well, and I think it will for you too. Just remember, you may not always have the chance to do the things you keep putting off, especially when it comes to personal relations. Happiness is the name of the game, and it should be your top priority. Your happiness, and the happiness of those around you.