Say "YES" to Life!

by : Marie Magdala Roker

Lately, all we've been hearing is to say, "NO" to so many things. Say no to carbs, saturated fat, Vioxx, etc. The list goes on and on. I do understand saying "NO" to unreasonable demands on your life, but saying "YES" brings so much more to your life. Wouldn't that make life less stressful? We are approaching a new year, why not start it succesfully. It's time to make a commitment to start saying "YES" to life.

Say YES to Self Care!

Let's start taking better care of ourselves. Just recently we heard that John Edward's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She admitted to being too neglectful to getting regular mammograms. What??? Why do we as women, who are great caregivers just seem to neglect ourselves. Sure, once in awhile we may pamper ourselves, but how often do we take care of ourselves. We remember everyone else's doctor's appointments, but we tend to overlook our own. Stop worrying about that lump, the cough that won't go away, your unexplained fatigue, your chest pain and go see your doctor. If you're suffering from depression, stop waiting for the blues to go away and get some help. Make commitments to eat healthier, exercise and be more proactive in your health care needs. Keep this in mind, you can't do much for your family when you're dead. Read

Say YES to Self-Love

Again, I must address the women. Love yourself. Stop chasing the man who doesn't return your phone calls, only calls you when he needs something, is living with his mother, has 3 kids with 3 different women, doesn't have a job, isn't motivated, has low self-esteem, doesn't want to marry you, doesn't support you emotionally, doesn't have a divorce. It's time to put yourself first. You can not fully love someone if you don't love yourself first. A healthy self-interest is essential in developing healthy relationships. Love the gifts that God has given you. Love the skills and talents you have. Love what you have to offer to the world. Love yourself unconditionally. Forgive yourself for past discretion. Reprogram your mind to believe that you do matter in this world. Yes, you are important! Check out some of these free ebooks to help you:

Say YES to Self Respect

When it's all said and done, the only thing you'll have when you're old is your self-respect. You may lose your teeth, your beauty, your Social Security, and your money, but you can always have your self respect. Instead of looking for ways to get people to notice you, find ways to make a difference in the world. Volunteer, speak up for injustices, be about something. You don't want your mark in this world to be a skid mark. Stand up for yourself, for your children, for your family. Stop practicing harmful and unhealthy behaviors. You're only hurting yourself. Here's a fun test to determine your self respect.

Say YES to Happiness

When was the last time you were so happy that you basked in its wonder. If you can't remember, it's time to create your happiness. You will not find it in someone else, but within yourself. What fills your heart, makes you feel complete? Are you making the right choices in your life? If you can't feel happy, what is the source of your discontent? Find it and let it go. Life is too short to be miserable. Unhappy people tend to want to spread the misery. Why waste your time with those people? They'll only bring you down. Take action, get moving, make yourself happy. Here's a resource for you:

Say YES to Success

Success is not a bad word. So why do so many people treat it as if it were a disease. Some might think that they are not worthy of success. Others believe that they will never attain success. There are those who chase success, but never catch up. The point is you can be successful. Chances are, the only thing getting in your way is yourself. The choice is yours, you can stay in your dead end job, or you can make the choice to improve yourself and find something better to do with your life. Remember, success isn't going to chase you. Here's another resource:

At first, it may seem difficult to say yes, but after awhile, you'll get the hang of it. Take it day by day and pretty soon, you'll only say "NO" when you really need to.