How To Determine If You Have An Alcohol Addiction

by : Sandra Kim Leong

Many become addicted to alcohol due to a number of reasons. Alcohol is toxins that can cause tremendous harm and damage to your internal organs such as liver and stomach. In fact, those with an alcohol addiction tend to get liver-related diseases. Alcohol also results in varicose-like veins in the stomach's lining, which can rupture any second. Once it does, internal bleeding occurs, leading to several complications.

Headache and nausea are immediate effects when you drink alcohol above your limit. Your mental clarity gets affected and you begin to feel dizzy. On a longer term basis, too much alcohol can also cause your skin to look sallow and age faster.

It is best to seek help and support for an alcohol addiction. You first need to acknowledge that you cannot do without alcohol. To acknowledge this is the first step to recovery. Here is how to determine if you are addicted to alcohol or are just a social drinker:

* Are you turning to alcohol for solace or running away from your other problems?
The feeling that you belong when on alcohol is very common. Drinking alcohol can make you feel that you on top of the world and creates a feeling that you are accepted by your friends and society. Also, sometimes, you may be facing stress at work or having some financial problems. You turn to drinking to temporarily help you forget your woes. What you forget is that the effects of being drunk and alcoholic can be more detrimental than beneficial.

* Are you taking time off from work just to drink?
If you are, you may be addicted to alcohol. Alcoholics tend to disregard the future consequences of what they do. They lose their motivation and have no focus in their jobs and careers.

* Are your drinking sprees causing you rifts with other family members?
If they do, then be aware that your drinking is causing problems. Your family members care for you and that is why they are raising a serious and legitimate concern. Alcoholics become so addicted to their drinks that they often fail to see that their family members really want the best for them.

* Do you want to drink the very next morning after a night out in the bar?
An obvious sign of being addicted to alcohol is if you always think about having a glass of scotch at all times of the day. Or maybe you have a regular 11:00 pm nightcap and find it hard to fall asleep without it. If you are indeed experiencing these, try to schedule a consultation with a trusted health professional. It may well be the start of a dangerous alcohol addiction.

You need to be aware when drinking becomes out of control. Do not, for the sake of wanting to be socially accepted, risk developing a dependency on alcohol. Studies show that a relapse is more likely when you have traces of alcohol in your body. Your chances of success get better when you undergo an alcohol detoxification program to thoroughly cleanse yourself of these traces.