Alcohol Rehabs Combat With Alcohol Abuse

by : John Porter

Alcoholism is a common problem in every household of present times. The saddest and the most threatening part of this problem is that the younger generation is getting more and more tempted towards this practice. An unhealthy society is on the rise. It would be a shocking blow to study the figures given by the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence where their recent survey strictly mentions that eighteen million of citizens in America are involved into alcoholism and suffering badly.

At the same time the Council has put forward the fatal cases related to excess of alcohol consumption. The figure is another big threat to all of us. It is nearly 100,000 citizens who die every year just due to alcohol abuse and more than 50% cases of road accidents and fatal incidents rise out of overloaded consumption of alcohol.

Is alcoholism a disease?

Alcohol abuse at its initial stage won't be referred as a disease but when it takes the shape of alcoholism where the person has no more control over the desire of drinking, it is definitely a disease. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism too has given this statement that alcoholism is basically a disease and can be divided into four phases to be treated out of this ailment.

Division in parts

The first part or phase of alcoholism is irresistible thirst for alcohol. This actually represents how much essential is the drink for the individual who has been entrapped into addiction.
No control over the amount of drink when you start consuming. This is the second phase of the disease where you would just love to have more.
Gradually a physical instability makes home in your body. Tendencies like suffering from nausea, increasing level of anxiety and improper body movement like shivering develop.
Finally you get out of all limits of your drinking habit and come to the stage where you are referred as an acute drunk.

Role of the rehab

Those who keep their drinks within limits won't need the assistance of a rehab center. But those who have walked out of the boundaries must be treated through inpatient treatment procedure in the rehab center.

The patient is admitted in a residential environment and given full support to detoxify and cure him/her gradually through medication, counseling and other psychological support with physical involvement in various types of works. There is at least a hope generated in the alcohol rehabs for reestablishing these alcohol abusers back to a well-settled life.