Shameless Ending of Anxiety

by : Lorraine Roach

There is no need to feel shame when you think or talk about anxiety.

So many people have had or are now experiencing it and it has become politically correct to talk about our mental illnesses or disorders. As you know, anyone who is perceived as having a different personality from the majority of the public or perhaps what others use to call odd and eccentric is no longer having to sweep their condition, concerns or treatment under the rug ,so to speak.

We discuss any subject these days and sometimes it has been said that perhaps we really do not need to know every detail of any given subject. Being informed is always a good thing ,even before Martha Stewart coined that phrase. However, as in all things in the universe, there is an opposite side to the know it all theory.

When too much information, depending again on what is being discussed is put forth, that thing we know as stress, panic, anxiety and depression can arise for some of us. How does one get to a place where the balance of the need to know scenario is in check or in sync with a healthy amount of knowledge? That is based on the individual I believe. Only you can say when there has been too much information presented to you on your plate. Sometimes if the information is saturating your mind, it is a good idea to stop what you are reading, watching or listening to, so that you can take a break and return to things after a time. We all have our own point of saturation. This does not have anything to do with a persons intelligence.

As with any task, we will do what we can at a pace that is comfortable for each of us. Take the pressure off of yourself to be as quick to learn or accomplish a task as someone else does it. When you give yourself permission to be yourself and stop the comparisons, I know that you will receive more benefits from your efforts. It is better to gain knowledge comfortably when it concerns your state of mind and well being. Remember what the word individual means and realize it means you.

Learning new information about anxiety and mental health can be a mystifying experience so leave the shame behind and concentrate on the experience of coping and recovery. Here is some information for you as you begin your recovery.

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Perhaps you would like to make a comment on how you think some people cope with what they see as an association between shame and anxiety.