Information on Anxiety Disorder - Do I Have Anxiety Attacks

by : Andyl James

If you are always anxious, does it mean you have anxiety disorder? How can we differentiate anxiety disorder from merely anxious?

A general guideline that you can use is this:

1) You are merely anxious

Most probably, this is an extremely stressful period for you. Perhaps, you have a major project and you have to meet the company's tight deadline. Or maybe you are going to have a major exam which will have a significant impact on your future.

When you are under this sort of pressure, it is quite normal to be anxious. Your anxiety may be due to the result of constant stress and is not considered an anxiety disorder. However, you will still want to take note of it and not allow it to develop into a disorder.

2) You are probably having a disorder

Maybe you feel anxious all the time for no particular reason. Maybe, this is supposed to be a stress free period for you. If you are suffering from prolonged and intense feeling of anxiety, it is likely that you are suffering from anxiety disorder.

The best way to confirm your condition is too ask a qualified health professional. Most importantly, you should not delay in seeking treatment, thinking that it will go away on its own.

If left unattended, the condition can become worse. It is best to tackle the condition as soon as possible before it becomes out of control. Furthermore, anxiety disorder is likely going to interfere in your relationship with your family, friends and colleagues. Do not allow anxiety disorder to control you.