How to Prevent Panic Attacks From Getting Worse

by : Giri Anantha

It can be difficult to know how to prevent panic attacks from occurring. And even if it can be done, these lucky individuals will be extremely rare.

There are definitely things you can do to try not to trigger it if you know what these triggers are. For example, drinking too much coffee can make you feel panic-like symptoms.

Consuming foods high in sugar can cause the same thing, so in this respect, you're not rolling out the red carpet and inviting a panic attack to hit you.

Panic Attacks Can Be Reduced, Not Prevented

However, a true, full-blown panic attack cannot truly be prevented. If it is going to happen, it will. The best thing you can do is to learn how to cope when it does strike.

This kind of panic attack suddenly hits you. You could be relaxing or enjoying a meal with 3 friends when....BOOM! Now all you feel is intense fear.

Medication, whether it's drugs or natural products, certainly help relieve a lot of the difficulty associated with a panic attack. They will reduce the frequency and intensity.

Beta blockers can help suppress the feelings and sensations and keep them under control. Proper abdominal breathing can help you maintain a level of control.

This needs to be practiced and practiced. You need to master this technique BEFORE a panic attack so that you can use it naturally when panic DOES strike.

Methods To Reduce Panic Attacks

The homeopathic remedy called PureCalm has been known to dramatically reduce panic attacks. Some people have reported feeling the effects of it after just a few minutes.

Panic Away is an e-book you can download that will probably help you with your panic attacks.

The Linden Method, like Panic Away, is a drug-free way of dealing with panic. The interesting thing about this method is in re-programming a part of the brain called the amygdala.

The amygdala is almond-shaped and is responsible for fear, hence playing a huge role in panic attacks.

The question on how to prevent panic attacks is like asking how to stop getting older. At this point in time, it cannot be done, but as you can see, there are things to help slow it down.