How to Control a Panic Attack & Panic Attack Control

by : Andrew Lim

Panic attack can be an extremely frightening experience. Suddenly, your hit by a barrage of symptoms, you may feel like having a heart attack, suffocating, or losing control. This experience can be so traumatizing and real that you will feel like dieing right at that moment.

Panic attack can strike anytime, anywhere and to anyone. It don't even need a reason to hit you. Although excessive stress can trigger a panic attack, it is completely random for most of the time.

However, once you experienced the first panic attack, the body will be put on "alert" status and the chances of having another attack is increased. This becomes a problem if panic attack occur again and again.

An important contributor to the occurrence of further panic attacks is related to where the first one occurred. For most, it happens in a place where they cannot escape easily: for example, in a train, bus, taxi, elevator, building. For example, if the panic attack occurred during a bus ride, chance are, you would be quite nervous during your next bus ride as you think panic attack might hit you again. The more nervous you are, the more likely another panic attack will happen.

With your initial experience with panic attack, you will most probably try to escape before you feel the attack coming on. Once out of the bus, the panic feeling subside and your worst fear is confirmed. You associate bus ride to your panic attack. A few more experiences confirms this and you avoid taking a bus altogether.

What I have just explained is a typical example of the development of panic attack and it can be applied to any situation. You have a panic attack at a particular place or situation. You link it to that place or situation and avoid it.

The main culprit here is fear. The fear and anxiety of having a panic attack causes it to happen. Panic attack feeds on fear and anxiety. The more your fearful of it happening, the harder and faster it will hit you. In order to control a panic attack and stop it forever, you need to attack its roots - fear.

The most effective way to stop panic attack forever is to KNOW that you will not be harmed. A large part of the fear comes from the fact that the sufferer thinks he is about to die, which is totally untrue!

Here's a few FACTS about panic attack:

-Panic attack CANNOT cause heart attack

-Panic attack CANNOT cause suffocation

-Panic attack CANNOT make you faint

-Panic attack CANNOT cause you to go mad/crazy

Doesn't feel like it? But its true! There more than enough medical evidence to prove all these. The symptoms feel unnatural because its a panic response from the body, your not suppose to feel it unless your in danger - which your not! Panic attack is the result of this "panic alarm" going off for the wrong reason. Use this knowledge to your advantage, KNOW that you are safe and panic attack cannot harm you. Don't fear panic attack...and certainly don't fear having one!