Ways to Combat Addiction

by : Artgib

Over the past several years, statistics have shown that alcohol abuse is declining in Utah, but drug abuse is on the rise. Three illicit drugs that are increasingly abused are methamphetamines, marijuana and heroin, all three of which are highly addictive.

With the higher rate of drug abuse, more and more people have been turning to drug rehab centers in Utah. There are literally dozens of professional facilities scattered across the state, and each one provides unique treatment programs. When you are trying to find the right center for yourself or a loved one, it is useful to know a little about the many methods used to combat substance abuse.

Wilderness Survival
Wilderness survival programs are especially popular with youth. These programs also tend to be especially pricey. They typically include activities like hikes, rope courses and wilderness survival education. While testing themselves against nature, youth learn to find their limits, develop patience, and gain confidence with every success. They learn that they can survive without the substances they have come to depend on and their self esteem rises at the same time. Teamwork helps them develop social and community skills as well.

Twelve Step Programs
There are many different versions of the twelve step program. The original 12 steps were created by Alcoholics Anonymous with a focus on steps like recognizing the problem at hand, seeking assistance from an outside power, making thorough self evaluations, planning ways to change unfavorable habits, repairing any injuries inflicted in the past, reporting success and encouraging others with similar goals. Twelve step programs often tap into spiritual reservoirs even if they do not subscribe to any one religious denomination.

Body Treatment Approach
Detoxification is the first phase of every treatment program, but body treatment approaches extend the process beyond abstaining from substance use. Most addictive substances can be cleansed from the body between one and fourteen days, but some centers believe that sauna, spas and acupuncture treatments can help do a better job of detoxification which will then decrease cravings in the years to follow.

Therapeutic Communities
Therapeutic communities provide clean and sober environments as well as a network of peer support. In a therapeutic community, individuals will be able to draw strength from a group of people who all share the same goals. These communities have proved to be very effective.

No matter which method is used, a good drug rehab center in Utah should accomplish more than detoxification for a limited amount of time. To ensure long-term success, self-esteem must be built up, social skills acquired or strengthened, and old, negative feelings should be addressed and replaced. These developments will facilitate a smooth transition back into normal life. If additional support is needed, try to find a center that will follow up with patients after they leave the facility.

There are rehab centers designed to serve every individual. For example, some only focus on kids and others only cater to women. Some will employ many methods for combating addiction to provide a holistic approach while others prefer to use one method only. Some rehab centers are even adaptable so that they can meet the needs of every individual that they serve.

Confronting addiction can be a costly process, but many insurance companies will cover some or all of the costs at certain rehab centers. Consequently, it may be wise to ask about insurance when you research each facility.