ATV Racing - An Addictive Sport With A Need For Safety

by : Corbin Newlyn

ATV Racing is fast growing sport with many longer term enthusiasts. In practically every state you will find Motocross venues. You will have your survival skills tested as you will find any kind of terrain you wish from dirt track to cross country events. Many seasoned individuals consider cross country to be one of the most mentally and physically draining sport that can be attempted even when compared to other demanding sports such as cross country skiing.

The terrain that can be encountered can include hills, rocks, mud, cliffs, dirt, as well as thick density forest. Different races can cover many miles and can continue for several miles. There are numerous differing monetary awards available for the winners of the race. Smaller race purses can get $1,000 although professional arenas can pay up to $500,000 or more. Winners of the first, second, and third place are usually given monetary rewards.

For those with a feint of heart ATV racing is not an option. It has the potential to cause significant personal injury as well as loss of life. The participants of ATV racing must adhere to a stringent set of rules whose primary purpose is to render the sport as safe and fun as possible for all those involved. All racers in this port are urged to either have or obtain health insurance.

Every rider is accountable for their actions in addition to the actions of their pit crew as well as team members. In the event of accident or injury participants have to agree upfront to go into the race at their own risk and will not hold anyone but themselves responsible. Enforcement of these rules are very strict and any person not in compliance will then be required to give up their right to enter the race. Before race day happens it is important that each participant know the set of rules of that particular place that they are racing at.

ATV Racing - Preparation

Wearing the right protective gear is one of the most crucial elements of ATV racing. One of the most significant pieces of riding equipment you can own is a SNELL or DOT certified helmet. The best protection of achieved by wearing a full facial helmet. A respectable dealer can counsel you on the variations in protection and padding.

Regardless of whether your helmet is full faced or not you should still wear goggles. Body armor that protects the front and back will help in the event of impact and additionally protects from flying objects. Wearing shirts that are long sleeved with elbow pads, pants with subsequent knee pads, and gloves all serve you to give the needed protection. Proper footwear such as boots should constantly cover the ankle as well as provide support.

Your ATV needs to have never-ending maintenance when doing ATV racing. It is critical that you either inspect the equipment yourself or have a qualified professional do it for you prior to every use. Success in this field of racing can hinge very much on locating a dealer that is reputable.

Numerous dealers sponsor various race teams and they realize the significance of maintaining your ATV in topnotch condition. They also have the knowledge to give you advise on the best quality wheels and tires as well as other ATV parts.

ATV racing is a sport that instructs control as well as being responsible. In contrast with team sports, each individual rider is responsible for their own actions. They need to discipline themselves so that they can learn to deal with the potential for disappointments and to solve the mistakes they have made.

They need learn to develop the habit of practicing at all available opportunities. This includes practicing on numerous different kinds of terrain. Getting familiar with your ATV and the way it operates had better be a top priority if you wish to be a serious-minded race competitor. The crucial element of ATV racing is educating yourself about safety as well as having fun.