Secret to Curing Insomnia- Insomnia Natural Remedies

by : Quamism

Picture this. Tossing and turning at 3.34 in the morning struggling to get to sleep can be a very disturbing thing. Certainly, it is a situation that one that no one wants to be in! If this occurs over many nights for a prolonged period of time, you know that you need to get some help right away before things get serious! Obviously you are aware that there are many sleeping pills and over the counter prescriptions that can help you overcome this issue. However, if modern day drug treatments is not your cup of tea, then consider indulging yourself in some home made remedy by choosing some natural remedies for insomnia instead.

It is a pity that most people have forgotten the home made proven to be effective natural remedies for insomnia. These wisdom of the ages has been actually been around for literally thousands of years and yet it is a shame that the quick fix mentality of the modern day civilization choose to adopt the newer version of treatment for insomnia and neglecting the natural remedies for insomnia, a choice which can lead to some serious side effects to your health.

Remedie #1: Teas

This is perhaps the No 1 choice that tops the list of natural remedies for insomnia. Teas, especially chamomile tea, are used extensively to promote sleep. Chamomile in aromatherapy is used to promote relaxation, helps to calm nervous system and induce sleep.

Remedie #2: Herbs

Herbs are rich in antioxidants and whole lot of other ingredients that can be used to promote sleep. The most popular herbs that are in the list of sleep inducing herbs are kava valerian root, passion flower, reishi mushroom, peppermint, sage, and St John's Wort. As usual, please talk to your doctor before taking any of these herbs as natural remedies for insomnia.

Remedies #3: Baths

Amazingly, some of the natural remedies for insomnia don't require you to ingest anything at all! This can be very comforting for someone who is reluctant to get anything unfamiliar into their system. One popular ways that has been used as natural remedies for insomnia is lavender bath. Lavender baths is rich in aromatherapy properties and emits scents that can soothe nerves and promotes sleep. The effectiveness of this herb has compelled manufacturers to use it in baby products to help calm the little nerves and promote relaxing sleep.

Remedie #4: Milk

A nice warm cup of milk can help you reduce those stresses and relaxes you, probably enough to make you doze off to sleep! Milk is rich in the amino acid called tryptophan, which can assist in the development of melatonin, an essential element that promotes youthfulness and induce sleep.

Remedies #5: Sleep Inducing Food

Other sleep inducing foods are bananas, lettuce and oatmeal. Before you decide to start a diet as possible natural remedies for insomnia, please talk to your physician. This is important if you are pregnant or lactating.