How to have a Successful Online Business

by : Dan Lok

Question: How to deal with ultra skeptical offline or be it Internet surfers in order to reassure them and get them to happily open up their wallets?

I like that “happily open up their wallets"! Your customer should be happy to open his/her wallet. When business is done right, everybody wins and nobody loses. You're happy to make a sale and your customer is happy to be getting a good value for the money.

Here’re a “small" list of things you can do to remove skepticism.

  • Use testimonials
  • Show a photo of yourself
  • Show a photo of your products
  • Show a photo of your office
  • State your complete address and contact information
  • Use testimonials (Again!)
  • Use flash audio buttons on your website.
  • Do an introduction.
  • Speak their language. (This goes back to understanding of your target market. If you’re selling to golfer, there are buzzwords and 'in-speak' that is specific to their game. Use those in your sales letter.)
  • Understand their hot buttons and push them hard. When you hit them on the right spots, a lot of them will simply ignore the skepticism.
  • If you’re selling moneymaking staff, see if you can prove your claims by showing bank statements, checks... etc.
  • Write down every single possible objection your prospects might have, and address, confront, and annihilate EACH one of the objections in your sales letter. (Common objections include: I don’t need your stuff, I don’t have money, I don’t have to act now, etc)
  • Offer a money-back guarantee and HONOR it
  • Use testimonials (This is not a joke, you can never have too many testimonials)
  • Tell a story in your sales letter. (People may mistrust a sales pitch, but they never doubt a story. )
  • Create a killer order form. When they should be pushing hard to close, most copywriters weaken in the order form. You need to sell as hard on your order form as throughout your sales letter.

Question: Hi Dan, My husband and I are talented writers who produce enormous amounts of great content on a regular basis. I would desperately like to know how we can streamline our efforts and creativity into tons of well-deserved moolah.

We know how to create, to work hard, and to gets jobs done -- we just don't know how to stop reinventing the revenue-stream wheel. We're making a lot of changes in 2005 - I want to make sure they involve working smarter, NOT harder.

I can totally relate to your situation because I’ve been there myself!

The turning point of my life...what Oprah Winfrey would call a 'light bulb moment'... is when I stopped thinking of myself as a writer and started thinking myself as entrepreneur.

As a writer, or any profession for that matter, you get what I called “earned income." You do a job; you get paid a buck. If you want another buck, you have to do another job in an endless cycle of more work for more money. It's exhausting!

What you need to do is to create multiple streams of income in your life...or more specifically, multiple streams of passive income, income that will keep coming in without much constant effort or supervision.

When people ask me, “Dan, are you a professional copywriter?" I always said, “Yes and No." To me, writers are broke and entrepreneurs are rich.

I am an entrepreneur FIRST, a marketer SECOND, a copywriter THIRD. Writing is a skill I HAVE, but I never look at myself as only a copywriter. Marketing is a skill I HAVE, but I never look at myself as only a marketer.

What I really am is a professional businessperson. I am involved with quite a few companies owned and operated by other people, besides running two companies of my own.

And frankly, the reason I am doing hell a lot better than other writers who might have 10 or 20 years more writing experience than me isn't because I'm a better writer, a more creative writer, or a genius at's because I'm a genius at business and a much better businessperson (and with a well-developed ego, too!)

I surround myself with smart people. I know how to build a team. I know how to build businesses. I know how to leverage other peoples money and other peoples time.

Plus, I am a pretty good public speaker and leader so I can motivate and influence.

I don’t mean to brag here, but I am trying to make a point: Most writers know NOTHING else, except writing.

So the $64,000 question you gotta ask yourself is, “How I can leverage off my skill sets to create multiple streams of income?"

Can you use your skills to sell other products besides selling your own services? Do you have the ability to sell online and offline? Can you use your skills to write for entrepreneurs get a percentage of the sales generated?

You see what I mean? The minute you stop thinking like a writer, the sky’s the limit.

But I gotta warn you, the transition from a writer to an entrepreneur is NOT easy. And its definitely NOT for everyone. You’ll have to take risks... and that can be scary.

You’ll have to be willing to delay gratification and that can be tough in the age of 'I want it NOW.' But be prepared, when you’re selling a product, you might not see profits for months and months.

And there will be moments when you'll feel like giving up and going back to the same old, same old. You'll want to pull the covers over your head, curl up into a fetal position, and go back to your warm, familiar comfort zone.

Don't do it! If you can 'tough it out' and if you're willing to take the first step, you will be that much closer to your ultimate goals.

So the short answer to your question is to use your writing skill to build a business. Start a business in your spare time. Develop other essential skill sets that will make you a better entrepreneur.

And you'll always have your writing to 'fall back on' while you're building your empire!