Natural Remedies Explored - Indigestion

by : Philip Bailey

Eating habits and stress can be contributing factors, as can food sensitivities. When you next get a bout of indigestion try and recall what you have eaten and if you notice any recurring patterns try excluding the food you suspect.

I find that New Era tissue salts help, but only for a short while.

Mint, but not peppermint (although it is often suggested for gas), is recommended as a remedy. And the following are often causes: -

  • Onions

  • cheese

  • hot spicy foods, although often it is stated they aid digestion!

  • unripe fruits

  • strong tea and coffee

  • Fatty or fried foods

  • liquid with meals, but a glass of wine is good

A pinch of bicarbonate of soda added to a glass of water is a useful ally against flatulence and indigestion.

After reading about the benefits of coconut I have started adding a spoonful to my breakfast and have noticed a distinct improvement.

Eating fruit well apart from meals is also recommended, because apparently it will otherwise ferment and not be easily digested. Fruit on an empty stomach will pass through the stomach very quickly. Starchy fruits, such as banana's take slightly longer, but again they are quickly digested by an empty stomach. Many people recommend eating fruit for breakfast with the less starchy fruits eaten first and then followed by banana's, figs, dates etc about 15 mins later.

The following herbs are also useful allies:

  • angelica - relieves spasms & flatulence

  • caraway oil - is used to relieve the feeling of fullness and flatulence

  • cinnamon - is used to relieve bloating, gas & cramping

  • dandelion - relieves gas

  • fennel - to relieve gas and belching

  • genitian - for bloating and flatulence following fatty meals

  • hops - for relief of digestive troubles brought on by stress

  • horehound - relieves gas

  • ginger - relieves irritated stomach & belching

  • slippery elm - soothes the stomach

  • turmeric - for stomach irritation