Natural Stone Verses Other Surfaces

by : Jcorkern10

For many years we have used man made products for certain surfaces in our homes. Our countertops have long been made using vinyl or ceramic tiles. Our flooring has been linoleum, hard wood, carpet, or vinyl. We have often used ceramic tiles on our bathroom floors. Natural stone has been used for centuries for all these things too, but it has only begun to become very popular as a replacement for all these man made products in recent years.

There are differences in man made materials compared to natural stone surfaces. Many people believe the misconception that the man made materials are easier to take care of. That is not necessarily true. Many of the same rules that apply to the cleaning and care of natural stone surfaces apply to man made products too.

When natural stone is installed either on a floor, wall, countertop, or any other place, it does need to be sealed about every five years. This is to prevent stains and bacteria as well, from penetrating into the stone. While bacteria will not penetrate into man made surfaces, they can be just as contaminated and stained if not cared for correctly.

It is true that it is not recommended to clean stone with harsh cleaners such as chlorine bleach, cleaning most man made surfaces with bleach will cause them to have a yellowish tint over time. So there is not that much difference. A milder cleaner is best for both types of surfaces.

As far as what you sit on surfaces, they are practically the same too. Sitting a hot pot directly onto a natural stone or ceramic tile surface can cause it to crack in a lot of instances. If you sit a hot pot onto a vinyl countertop it can leave an ugly singed or burn mark.

Many people might think that there are simply more choices available in man made products than with natural stone. That is not necessarily true either. Stone is found in many colors and patterns and they are all beautiful. Man made materials defiantly can not out do natural there.

One thing that a man made material can not do is increase the value of your home. Natural stone will defiantly do that. It is the product of choice these days not only when it comes to surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, but for other home features such as patios and fire places. It will probably last as many years as the home its self does and that can not always be said for other materials.