Natural Sources For Pets Medical Care

by : Ergo_items

Many families that have animals living indoors will prefer to treat medical problems with a holistic approach. Through proper nutrition using dry and wet food sources, pet owners try to ensure that an animal is getting the proper amount of nourishment. Animals will get injured from time to time with small scrapes or torn pads on the feet. Some pet owners apply poultices to these areas that are made of natural herbs that they grow themselves.

Some pets will gain access to medical treatments by eating greens from the yard. A yucca plant might show some damage due to a pet chewing on or there will be patch of yard grass that is beginning to get sparse in areas. This will be a clear sign that the animal is experiencing pain in the joints and is using the minerals in the yucca plant to alleviate the symptoms. In lieu of eating dry cat foods that are designed to reduce hairballs, some cats will eat grass from the yard to help them regurgitate a fur ball that is lodged in the throat.

For animals that have a damaged immune system, they can receive great health benefits from garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that humans use to flavor foods. It can be used to treat animals for worms too, and some pet owners find that it helps alleviate joint problems in pets of all ages. Garlic can be added to wet food products to ensure that it is ingested and pet owners can wait to see if the anti-inflammatory characteristics of this flavorful herb help or will a dosage of Vitamin C be needed.

Some pets will exhibit bad breath after a time and pet owners can buy chlorophyll in its natural form and add it to the animal's diet. A pet owner can also add essential oils such as mint to reduce the smell. Pet owners often establish a weekly regimen to brush the dog's teeth with baking soda to keep gums healthy. Mouth odors are caused when food remains in the mouth after eating, but these odors should be reduced significantly from this brushing regimen.

Should bad breath persist after a weeks time, the pet owner might ask a veterinarian to check the pet for an obstruction in the digestive tract. Some odors that are emitted from an animal are natural and are passed as gas through the anus. Pet owners can reduce this byproduct of poor digestion by providing activated charcoal to the diet. The charcoal will help the pet's body absorb gas naturally and remove harmful toxins from the body that cause gases to form.

Pet owners can take an active role in ensuring pet's lead healthier lives. By reading pet food product information, pet owners will learn to recognize which ingredients are derived from natural sources and which ingredients offer no nutritional value at all. By purchasing dry pet food products that contain no artificial flavorings or sugar, the pet owner can help ward off medical problems before they occur. Pet products tat contain fillers and are not going to provide animals with the fiber that they need for a healthy digestive system.