Constipation and Loniten

by : The Colon Cleansing & Constipation Resource Center

Loniten users have found that one of the associated side effects of use of this medicine is that they can become constipated during their treatment. Because Loniten can cause constipation, it's important to treat for constipation while taking this medication.

One of the main factors of this medication is blood pressure. High blood pressure is extremely dangerous to your health so taking medication to lower your blood pressure is important. While constipation is uncomfortable, it can be managed and tolerated when the benefits are life saving. Because this medication is generally not a short-term medication, it's also possible that users will face on-going problems with Loniten related side effects. While this can be a bit frustrating, again, the benefits of this medication make it worthwhile to find ways to manage the side effects.

Your doctor may recommend that you take a laxative while you are taking Loniten. Using harsh laxatives will not only be rough on your system but can affect your body's ability to absorb nutrients and even medications so it's important to treat your constipation in such a way that relieves you of the symptoms and allows you to have regular bowel movements without lowering the effectiveness of any medication you are taking. Over the counter laxatives can not only harshly induce bowel movements but they can have a negative impact on your overall health, should they be used long term.

Loniten, also known as Minoxidil was initially used as a blood pressure lowering medication. This drug is a vasodilator drug, which means that it helps to open (or dilate) the blood vessels. One of the positive side effects of Loniten that was discovered was that it caused excessive hair growth on people who were taking it. This was considered serendipity for those suffering from hair loss or male pattern baldness and it resulted in Loniten being used as a treatment for baldness. Many people began taking Minoxidil to treat baldness. While their hair grew and their blood pressure was lowered, they did have to face a few unwanted side effects.

Those using Loniten for hair loss need to closely monitor their blood pressure due to the lowering effect of the medication. Anyone who doesn't have high blood pressure but is taking this product for hair growth could take a dangerous drop in blood pressure. Loniten can also blur your vision or cause acne and headaches. Sometimes these effects are simply a result of your dose of Loniten or Minoxidil being too high.

Whether you're using Loniten for blood pressure or Minoxidil for hair loss, be sure to proactively work to ensure that you can continue to have regular bowel movements and stay under the care of a physician.

Taking extra fiber and drinking plenty of water will help. Taking a bulk laxative such as Psyllium can also be beneficial when taking any medications that slow down your bowel functions as well as eating fiber rich foods.

Loniten or Minoxidil users can use a product called Oxy Powder safely while they are medicated. Oxy Powder promotes regular bowel activity, which can be very beneficial when taking medication that can cause constipation. It also works in harmony with your body's healthy bacteria (or flora) so that your system doesn't face the harsh effects of loss of healthy bacterium. Many people who are on medications that cause constipation want the benefits of their medication, and in some cases it's vital for their survival. Constipation can completely drain you of energy and leave you feeling bloated, cramped and sluggish. Using a product like Oxy Powder when taking a medication with this side effect can help you function without contraindicating your medicine and without having a harsh effect on your body.

Many Oxy Powder users rave about how well it works in relieving constipation, bloating and about the fact that it doesn't chain you to your toilet like some laxatives or bulky food will. Oxy Powder gradually works over a twelve-hour period so that you aren't rushing to the bathroom the moment that you take it. The benefits to using this product go above and beyond simply relieving you from Loniten induced constipation. This product is even used as a colon cleanser. It can have a positive impact on your overall health.

Whether you are taking Loniten or Minoxidil for blood pressure or for hair loss, you want to ensure that your bowels are running at peak efficiency. Constipation not only makes you miserable but also on a long-term basis will have negative health impacts. Because these medications are not short-term products, rather something that only works if they are being consistently taken, you will likely need to manage your constipation on an on-going basis. Using a harsh product long term can have some ill effects on your health. Using a natural and proven product that not only cleanses your bowels but has a positive impact on your colon health makes sense.