Constipation in Children - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

by : Peter rodrick

Constipation in children is a growing world problem. In fact, more children than adults are suffering from constipation to some extent or the other. Nipping constipation in the bud is very important, because as the child grows, it might compound to several complicated forms. This article is a collection of some relevant information on constipation in children.

Constipation in Children - Causes

The following are some of the main causes why constipation occurs in children:-

? The most prominent cause for constipation in children is holding back bowel motions. They have to do this often in their school hours.

? Changes of climate and diet, especially when traveling or on a holiday can cause constipation.

? Children also eat a lot of wrong foods. Foods that are too oily and spicy - typically those that are classified as 'junk foods' - can cause constipation in children.

? Some infections in the alimentary tract can commonly occur in children. This can cause constipation.

Constipation in Children - Symptoms

Children commonly show the following symptoms when they suffer from constipation:-

? Difficulty in passing stools or infrequent bowel motions

? Pain and discomfort when passing stools

? A heated sensation in the stomach, generally after eating a meal

? An uncomfortable feeling of fullness in the stomach after having meals

? Lethargy and wanting to lie down on the bed for a long time, even after just having woken up for the morning

It is important that the parents read these signs and symptoms in their children. Children themselves will not know what is happening with them. Parents must keep track of the bowel motions of their kids by inculcating a daily habit. If there is anything amiss, a doctor must be notified, who will then look for further treatment requirements.

Constipation in Children - Treatment

There are many options for treatment of constipation in children, but it is first important that the doctor must be sure it is a case of constipation. Once that is done, the doctor will try to clean the accumulated feces in the colon through different methods. Principally, it involved softening the hardened accumulated stools in the colon so that they can pass out easily. A host of medicines can be prescribed for this purpose. When the stools eventually become soft, they will pass out with speed. That is why, once the medication of the child is started for constipation, the child must stay at home and must be made to wear loose clothing that can be easily removed for performing the bowel movement.

A good home remedy is to use the powder of triphala. Children must be given a triphala mixture in water each night before retiring for the night. The method is to take one or two teaspoonfuls of triphala powder and put it in a cup of slightly warm water. Have the child drink this suspension hastily. If the constipation is mild, this triphala suspension will soften the stools overnight and in the morning, the child will have a normal bowel movement.