Nobody Enjoys a Constant Headache

by : Richard Romando

Constant headache is a headache which generally arises out of tension, from any type of stress, changes in temperature or weather, lack of enough rest, or by eating the types of food to which you are allergic. It is very common in nature and nearly everybody suffers it. This headache causes pain in your head and makes your neck and back muscles tighten. That's why people are so afraid of constant headache.

What You Need To Know About Constant Headaches

Some of the symptoms of a constant headache include pain and tension in your neck, back and head, as well as emotional fluctuations. Whenever a person has this headache, he loses his temperament very easily and feels exhausted and enervated. If he tries to work with a constant headache, he probably finds difficulty in concentrating and doing his job.

Usually, a tension headache develops more gradually than a migraine headache.

However, a person having constant headache may feel it for weeks or may last for years. Usually he feels pain throughout the entire day without a break. Of course, the intensity of his headache may vary from hour to hour. These headaches usually begin once a person hits middle age. The ailment is more common in women than men.
If you have a constant headache and it is affecting your normal life, then you need to consult doctor. Many a times it is seen that people indulge in self medication, which is very dangerous. You might take overdose to alleviate your pain and even then, you won't able to get relief from it. In addition, you should call doctor immediately if your headache begins suddenly with severity and causes you to feel weak, numb or dizzy as well.
Quick reliefs remedy an ice pack on your head and neck, taking a hot shower, or getting some rest works wonders.

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