Drug Rehab - What They DONT Tell You !

by : Brooke Hayles

People who have unfortunately got into drug addiction and want to get help, may need a drug rehabilitation program. Anyone who wants to take control of their addiction and wish to contribute to society can admit themselves for treatment and make an effort to recover.

There are various types of drug rehab programs. You must honestly evaluate your problem. Do not try to lie to yourself about your condition. You might see a doctor for evaluation of your addiction. He is the best person to discuss your rehabilitation options with and decide which one will be the most beneficial for you.

How many types of drug rehab programs are there?

There are two types of programs: Short term and Long term.

Various short term methods:

For those people who do not have severe form of addiction, for them short term method lasting for 6 months is recommended.

  • The next method of drug rehabilitation program is out patient therapy. Generally medicines are not used in this method to wean the patient away from the drugs. It is generally based on frequent counseling in a small support group or privately. Those addicts who strongly want to get off their addiction and are not heavily into drugs yet, generally opt for this method.
  • There is short term-residential program. These programs are generally for 3 to 6 weeks, which is followed by the presence and counseling of support groups like Narcotics Anonymous. This program is very effective but a lot depends on the person's desire to recover.
  • Another short term therapy is out patient, drug free therapy. This method is suitable for those addicts who do not have a long history of drugs usage. They are new users. In these cases the patients themselves have strong desire to recover and there are supporters for the patient. In such cases counseling and support groups works for them.

Various Long term methods:

Those patients who have a long history of drug usage need to opt for long term drug rehabilitation program. The patients who opt for it may have a criminal history and are heavily into drugs. They need a long time to recover both physically and mentally.

  • Methadone out patient therapy is one of the options. It is a part of long term rehabilitation program. The patient is orally given doses of substances like Methadone so that his cravings for the drug are reduced. Once the cravings are reduced, he is counseled along with his family and friends group support.
  • There are residential therapeutic treatment options for patients who have a long history of taking drugs and also have a criminal history. This treatment is recommended for patients with a severe problem. The patients have to stay in the center for up to 1 year. Methadone drug is administered regularly till they become stable.

Drug addiction is a very serious problem and drug rehab program must be taken very seriously. The family, friends and other support groups should support the patient in his or her endeavor to become drug-free. Entering a drug rehab center may be the patient's only chance of recovering from this dreadful problem.


If you have the desire to kick your drug habit and live life meaningfully then you can do it if you know about the various drug rehabs program available. There are two types of treatments for your drug dependency, a short tem one and a long term one. But be truthful to yourself regarding what your problem is and what you want. Only then can these rehabs can help you.