Understanding Drug Tolerance And The Withdrawal Level

by : John Porter

Prolonged dependency on a particular drug say for cocaine ultimately leads the drug addict reach the level of tolerance. This is actually a feel normal situation that is attained by the drug addict over a period of using the same drug again and again and become used to it. The tolerance capacity of the individual accustomed to that drug is extremely high and it seems to the person that without the drug he might fall ill.

Entering the entrapment

Drug addiction is often regarded to be an entrapment. Once you are entrapped in the vicious cycle it becomes very tough to come out of it. The worst situation faced in the withdrawal process is relapse of the addiction tendencies after a certain period when you have already left taking drugs.

The dose after crossing a certain limit is very much injurious to the health. Your body at that time becomes susceptible with the use of the drug and is practically unable to maintain a safe heath conditions. Fatal cases are also on the rise with the mounting of the drug addiction rate.

Help is badly needed

Drug addicts become so vulnerable after reaching a stage that they can't even stand straight on their spine and seek help. There are also incidents that the drug abusers become extremely rigid to ask for help so that they can be properly treated. The situation turns morose and gruesome.

After a certain stage the drug abusers are rejected and abandoned by the society. They suffer from intense isolation that becomes another miserable situation for them. The feeling of being unaccepted and rejected makes their addiction level increase crossing all boundaries.

It is an unfortunate situation for the whole society that we cannot take proper care of these patients and bring them back to a happy life. The drug rehab centers are definitely working on this issue and dedicated to remove this malice out of the society. But helping hands should come from everyones si'de. Whenever you find someone involved in drug abusing activity, immediately bring him under the notice of a rehab center. Also track the drug dealer and help law to put the whole racket behind the bars.

Complete withdrawal is tough

There are horrible pangs and unruly tendencies in the drug addict when the dose of illicit drugs is completely put off. The process of withdrawal begins with detoxification, medicines and then psychological treatment step-by-step for better recovery. Though complete withdrawal is a tough process and the deadline is difficult to predict if the patient is an acute user of drugs yet it's not impossible. Try, try and try, there will be an end to it.