Tooth Whitening Information

by : Charles

Tooth whitening procedure is a method of cleaning all the ugly brown or yellow stains present on the outer layer of your teeth (enamel) to give you white teeth. There are various systems employ during tooth whitening, such as opalescence tooth whitening, laser tooth whitening, use of tooth whitening gel, tooth whitening strip and tooth whitening pen.

Stained teeth are usually caused be eating those foods that can impact color to your teeth after eating. Examples of those foods are, coffee, tea, soda, red wine, biscuits, although not food, constant smoking can lead to ugly staining of the teeth. What actually happens is that food particle form thin layer on the hard surface of the teeth called the enamel. Due to inability of some people to properly wash their teeth after meals these layer stick firmly on the enamel.

Moreover, the molecular constituents of the enamels are arranged in such a way that this thin layer strongly sticks to them after days. Therefore when you eat and do not wash your teeth on daily bases, after some days your teeth will begin to change from its whitish color to light yellow. After several weeks or month if it is still unwashed, it will gradually start turning to ugly brown color. During this period bad odor is perceived whenever you talk or release air from your mouth. This will make people around you uncomfortable due to the bad bread and can make you to be susceptible to diseases of the teeth.
However, this could be remedied by visiting your dentist. Discuss with him the best tooth whitening system suitable for you.

After the tooth whitening system, you should be cleaning your teeth at least on daily basics to avoid having the ugly experience again. It is very necessary for you to ensure that much effort is made to maintain your white teeth because undergoing constant tooth whitening system has some side effects.