Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions for Chipped Teeth

by : Patricia Woloch

A chipped tooth can mar the appearance of your smile, making otherwise flawless teeth appear crooked, discolored, and unhealthy. It can also leave sensitive areas inside of your tooth exposed causing pain and leaving you at risk for tooth decay. Fortunately, chipped teeth can be easily corrected with non-invasive cosmetic dentistry solutions.

How teeth get chipped
If you have a chipped tooth you may know exactly how and when it happened, or the cause may be more elusive. We often associate an injury or trauma, such as a car or sporting accident, with a chipped tooth, but teeth can become chipped by chronic trauma over time. Often, personal habits or other underlying problems are involved. It can be something as simple as chewing ice or clicking your teeth unconsciously with a tongue ring. You may be grinding your teeth due to a misaligned bite (malocclusion).

Enamel recontouring
Enamel recontouring is a painless non-invasive way to reshape your teeth. It is often used to remove a very small amount of enamel, but in the case of chipped teeth, a tooth-colored laminate can be used to build up your tooth, as well.

Porcelain veneers
Porcelain veneers are a thin shell of porcelain that is bonded to the surface of your teeth. They as custom crafted to match the color and shape of your teeth, and porcelain interacts with light in the same way as real tooth enamel, so they look alive and natural. Porcelain veneers can cover several imperfections in one treatment, so they are a great choice if your teeth are discolored, crooked, or misshapen.

Dental bonding
Dental bonding can replace up to half of your tooth. Rather than crafting the replacement in a lab, dental bonding uses a material that is sculpted to your tooth and then polished to a beautiful finish.

Dental implants
If you are missing a significant portion of your tooth, you may wish to have the entire tooth replaced with a permanent dental implant. The implant itself is a titanium rod that replaces the roots of your tooth and fuses with your jawbone. A porcelain false tooth is then attached to this rod. A dental implant looks and acts just like your natural tooth.

As you can see, there are many options for correcting a chipped tooth. Each case is unique and the best solution for you will depend on the extent of damage to the chipped tooth itself, and whether or not you wish to address any problems with surrounding teeth at the same time.