End the Recession

by : Lauren Knight

There are many possible causes for receding gums (periodontitis), including aging, brushing too hard, poor oral hygiene, smoking, mouth injuries, oral piercings, and more. Regardless of the actual cause, receding gums can be painful, teeth become very sensitive; gum disease can lead to tooth decay, and will lead to tooth loss eventually.

Treatment of periodontitis, or receding gums, can be either surgical or nonsurgical. In more mild cases, simply using a desensitizing toothpaste or having your dentist use a desensitizing treatment can help. Once periodontitis or gum disease has progressed; however, and the gingival tissue (gum) has receded, then surgical intervention is very likely to be necessary.

Gingival grafting of the soft tissue, a root canal to help desensitize an affected tooth, or other oral surgical grafting can be used to stop the receding gums and provide healthier tissue, potentially saving your natural teeth.

If you suffer from receding gums or periodontitis, then it's very important to get the prompt dental care and treatment necessary in time to save your smile. Finding a dental care provider within the UK; however, has become nearly impossible and often prohibitively expensive. By the time you find a dentist and get the treatment you need, it could be too late. Dental tourism has now become an increasingly popular way for patients to get the quality dental care that they need, in a prompt and very cost-effective way. Combining a short vacation with necessary dental care is the perfect solution. Dental care prices in Hungary are up to 70% cheaper than what you'll find in the UK-and the services are readily available.

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