Top 6 Risk Factors That Bring About Arthritis

by : Sharon Bell

Having an arthritis attack can really dampen the mood of anyone. This condition is truly debilitating because performance of even the simplest tasks or activities, such as walking, climbing the stairs and even getting out of bed can be terribly painful. This is why it is not really surprising why some people even question their Creator for allowing them to suffer from this unbearable disease.

Figures show that almost 46 million adults, particularly those who are 65 and above, are suffering from some form of arthritis in the US. Experts have estimated that by 2030, adults with arthritis-related conditions will balloon to 67 million. With the above figures, you can't help but wonder why there are so many Americans with this type of condition.

If you want to know if you will be part of the arthritis statistics in the future, read on and discover the top risk factors for developing this very painful disease:


As you grow older, your risk of developing arthritis-related diseases, such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis increases. According to statistics, half of the people aged 65 and above in this country are suffering from this condition. In contrast, about one in 250 children is affected by some form of arthritis or rheumatism.


Whether you like it or not, you are at risk of developing this very painful disease if your parents and relatives also suffer from some form of arthritis. The good news is that scientists are now finding ways in which to determine particular gene sequences or variations that are causing the different types of arthritis. With this data, experts can make drugs and medications that can specifically target these arthritis-prone genetic sequences.


When it comes to certain types of arthritis, gender is definitely an issue. Statistics show that men are more susceptible to suffering from gout, while women are more predisposed to getting rheumatoid arthritis.


Several studies have confirmed the direct link between smoking and arthritis. If you have parents or relatives that have this disease, it would be wise to stop smoking immediately because you are only increasing your risk of suffering from this debilitating condition if you don't. In fact, a Swedish research has found out that smokers who carry an HLA gene, which is responsible for rheumatoid arthritis, increase their risks of getting the disease by 21%.


More and more studies are being conducted to find the connection between some forms of arthritis and occupation. Many believe that people who are exposed to nail polish, paint thinners, acetone, and pesticides are more prone to suffering from this disease. A recent Swedish study has found out that petroleum refiners and others who are exposed to or frequently use lubricating oils, motor oils, and other petroleum products are 30% more at risk of suffering from arthritis-related condition.


Being overweight and obese can make you prone to certain kinds of arthritis. However, there are also a significant number of thin individuals who are not spared from this disease. Thus, aside from your body weight, the foods that you eat or not eat play a significant role in determining whether you will have arthritic problems in the future.

Although experts cannot agree on what types of food can cause arthritis, they are sure that a diet full of saturated fat and lacking in antioxidants and vitamins could raise your risk of getting arthritis-related illnesses.

If you already are suffering from arthritis, you should know that there are many medications that can help you ease the pain that comes with your condition. There are also many websites and organizations that aim to help people deal with this disease. If you are not keen about taking synthetic drugs, you can also rely on alternative treatments and supplements. One product that you can use for arthritis is Phosoplex. Just visit to know more about this supplement.