Simple Home Remedies for Arthritis Pain

by : Thomas Henricks

The struggle to deal with the constant pain and restricted activities as a result of arthritis can sometimes become overwhelming. Sufferers fight a steady battle in an effort to conduct normal daily activities often under extremely painful conditions. Although the results of arthritis can sometimes result in nearly total immobilization of many parts of the body, several home treatments are available for those suffering a more mild degree of impairment.

Arthritis Pain Home Remedies

One of the most basic practices to slow the advance of arthritic debilitation is simple exercise. Mild exercise that encourages full extension of the muscles and joints may slow the effects of the condition. This can be painful therapy and must not be over extended. Care must be taken that you don't cause more damage and aggravation to these joints. Basic routine movement and comfortable extension of the muscles and joints will maintain maximum practical flexibility. Over aggressive efforts may in fact be counter productive, causing increased irritation and further damage.

A more pleasant and relatively effective home remedy for arthritis pain is water therapy treatments. This entails immersion of affected regions into warm water for about an hour. Best results can be achieved by utilizing a specially designed water tank which is sometimes called sensory deprivation tank. The water temperature is maintained at 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit which is the normal body temperature of a healthy human.

Another form of water therapy can be practiced in a pool. In this treatment a series of body movements are exercised that help keep the body flexible without causing any further damage to joints and their cartilages. This can be an effective method to combat arthritis pain.

An old traditional home remedy for arthritis pain requires the use eucalyptus oil. A small quantity of eucalyptus oil is warmed before applying it in a very thin layer over the painful joint. You would then cover the joint with a plastic wrap. Follow up by applying continuous heat to the joint with the help of steaming towels. This can be a relaxing pain relief routine that can prove beneficial at bedtime for maximum reduction of the arthritis pain.

Wear a copper bracelet to reduce arthritis pain has become a common practice. Many opinions exist explaining how wearing a copper bracelet really reduces the pain, but people worldwide proclaim that the practice is very effective and gives them relief from previously experienced pain. Some research suggests that an existing deficiency of copper in the body could be one of the causes that leads to this disease. The professional medical community in general does not subscribe to many of these home spun cures and explanations.

This is not an unexpected reaction. Each person should practice whatever treatment he believes in and feels comfortable. If it appears to work for you, it really does not matter what scientific research says. It is still valid to state that science will never have the answers to everything. Maybe further research will validate the use of copper bracelets and such but if it works for you now, that validation is unimportant.